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Boss Unwavering by Nicole R. Locker (Boss Series, #3)

Boss Unwavering
An Enemies to Lovers Romance
by Nicole R. Locker

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Boss - Book 3 - Standalone possible - but why not read all three?
Publisher: Pronoun (November 27, 2017)
Publication Date: November 27, 2017
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 279 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Elaina Evans is a super-independent, beautiful, successful business owner of an upscale bar in Houston, Texas. Sebastian Stone is a former Navy, retired NCIS agent who now runs his own Private Investigating business. He’s also a recovering alcoholic with every reason to stay the hell away from the likes of Elaina Evans, especially when her brother, Dallas, keeps popping up as a person of interest in his PI cases.

But when Elaina and her long-time friend, Rogan Rayner, approach him to locate the man who killed Elaina’s older brother more than a decade prior, he and Elaina both find they’re in for much more than they bargained for. Things get interesting when Sebastian makes Elaina a deal she finds hard to take but even harder to refuse.

Boss Unwavering by Nicole R. Locker (Boss Series, #3)

Boss Unwavering: An Enemies to Lovers RomanceShe is a woman who can put terror into the hearts of many-a-man, in her upscale bar in Houston, she has to be. Elaina has earned her place in the world and she plans on keeping it, even when she becomes the object of threats and danger. The only man she has a problem with is her brother, and the biggest problem seems to be the soft spot she has in her heart and her inability to keep him out of trouble.

Of course, she had just been outbid on a classic Harley by an equally alpha man, Sebastian Stone. Making him the King of her Sh*t List. Either he has a death wish or his own agenda when it comes to the fiery woman. Little did either of them know, their relationship could become a matter of life and death, but at least Elaina has the pleasure of becoming his “boss,” even if in the loosest sense of the word.

In a tale of Alpha versus Alpha, nothing comes easy and everything is volatile, emotional and boiling point HOT! Welcome to BOSS UNWAVERING as Nicole R. Locker turns up the heat, the passion, the intrigue and the danger on two immovable forces as Sebastian does all he can to keep Elaina safe from herself and the men who are after her, thanks to the one man she has given her heart and soul to trying to straighten him out.

Nicole Locker is able to create characters that jump off the pages, scenes that breathe, sigh and scream out with tension of every kind! Get ready for dialogue that leaves no doubt as to the emotions running through each page from sizzling and raw passions to the verbal fisticuffs between Sebastian and Elaina. Get to know each character and what makes them tick, what makes them the people they are today and begin to see them as real. Two-over-the-top control freaks find they may have met their match in all of the best ways!

While this is definitely able to be read as a standalone, I have to say, give yourself a present, sit down with all three books in the Boss series, Alphas never looked so good, or hot, or, well, ALPHA! Remember, always keep your friends close, but keeping your enemy closer could be hot, very hot...pass the fan, please!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Nicole R. Locker!

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