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Heart of Thorne by Maggie Way

Heart of Thorne
by Maggie Way

# MIA WINTERS is a down-on-her-luck young woman, trying to chase her dreams in Chicago. Her life is thrown to the wind when a man from her past arrives unexpectedly.
ROMAN THORNE. Best friend. College sweetheart. Passionate lover. Once upon a time, he was everything to her. This is however is not a pleasant reunion – they were unexpectedly torn apart two years ago and have not spoken since.
Not to mention he’s now engaged. So why is he back? Why does he still look at her like he used to? Why are the sparks between them are hotter than ever, the emotions deeper, the love intensified?
Filled with shocking revelations, intrigue and a heart-stopping twist, Heart of Thorne is a sizzling romance that captures the beauty of love and the pain of losing it.
If you were given a chance at true love but it meant loosening your morals, would you take it?

Heart of Thorne by Maggie Way

Would your “true love” ask you to compromise your morals for sex-filled, secret rendezvous while his public façade benefits his wealth, status and corporate goals?  Mia Winters faced that dilemma when Roman Thorne walked back into her life two years after they were “torn apart.”

Mia has tried to pick up the pieces of her life and move on, she has admirers, friends, but she still pines for the one man who once was her best friend, her lover, her everything, until his family’s wealth, position and corporate dreams became his or he became their puppet to manipulate at will. 

Was Mia living in a dream world? Was the real Roman a figment of her heart’s imagination?
Now he is back, he wants her, but he is also engaged to marry into more power, a corporate merger, so to speak, for show, for his family, for his wealth.  He has also given Mia an “opportunity” to be in his life, because he loves her, but not enough to stand up to his family, to be a man.

Either Mia becomes his dirty little secret, his kept woman or he is out of her life for good.  

There is no denying that Maggie Way knows how to spin a tale that is intriguing, mesmerizing and repulsive at the same time. HEART OF THORNE is a tale of love, heartbreak, power and manipulation.  It is a story of sending one’s moral compass into the Bermuda Triangle of Fantasy. 

I found Mia to be weak, caught up in a fantasy she has been building since she lost Thorne, failing to thrive or to move on with life. Thorne clearly hasn’t the spine to be the man Mia thinks he is. 

Maggie Way’s quality of writing isn’t in question, she scraped every one of my nerves to the bone! She has left me reeling with the lack of integrity within her characters, their moral weakness and particularly Mia’s lack of self-respect, her blinders, even when confronted with the fiancé, (whose dark truths are being protected by Thorne - hmmmm). 

Good writing that evoked emotion, weak characters that raised my ire, a little too convenient “marriage arrangement” with the fiancé, there was only one adult in this tale and he is the one Mia rejected.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Maggie Way specifically for review purposes. This is my honest review.

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