Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Fling by Nicole R. Locker

Holiday Fling

by Nicole R. Locker
Publication Date: December 8, 2017
Publisher: Nicole R. Locker
Genre: Holiday Romance
Print Length: 219 pages
Available from: Amazon
Two friends. Two weeks in NYC. One chance to make their dreams come true.

Millicent Montgomery has her entire career riding on the two weeks of public events her PR firm is in charge of managing for Brinne Wren, the spoiled heiress of a major software company whose memoir has just hit shelves right before the Christmas Holidays. Her friend, Rhea, aka Goldie, is recently dumped and along for the ride, and Millie is determined to get her friend's mind off the past by setting her up with a hunky doctor they meet in a coffee shop their first day there. 

Goldie makes her a deal - I will if you will - after Millie runs into a super studly Irish investor with charm and looks to spare. Too bad Millie's been pining away for an old friend back home who doesn't give her the time of day, but Seamus Gallagher sets his sights on the charismatic Millie, pursuing her relentlessly, even after she discovers the gorgeous, sexy as hell man is the one who's got it out for Brinne and may cost Millie the only shot she has at her biggest dream of making senior partner.

Holiday Fling by Nicole R. Locker

Holiday FlingWhat better time to step out of life’s carefully constructed box and feel alive and free than at the Holidays with your best friend? Millie combined her New York business trip with a chance to lighten Goldie’s broken heart. Why not set her up with the hot doc they met in the coffee shop? Sure, it is a little wild and crazy, but sometimes that just what a girl needs. Of course, Goldie, being just as much of a best friend agrees, under one condition, Millie must also step out of her comfort zone and find someone to enjoy the Holidays with.

Fun and games, right? Not so much, because the hot doc just may be hiding a secret that crushes Goldie’s faith in men just a little bit more. Meanwhile Millie has caught the eye of a dashing Irishman who seems perfect until she discovers he is the reason she is in New York on company business in the first place.

Good thing Nicole R. Locker remembered this is a Holiday Romance and added a pinch of magic and a miracle or two for the season! HOLIDAY FLING is a fun read with a little soap opera tossed in, not too heavy, but perfect to settle into that cozy reading chair and watch two more Holiday miracles unfold! Ahhh, let it snow ~ love is in the air!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Nicole R. Locker!

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