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Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear (Secrets of Orendor, #1)

Land of Strength and Sorrow
by Cassandra Fear

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Secrets of Orendor - Book 1
Publisher: Cadava Publishing (November 28, 2017)
Publication Date: November 28, 2017
Genre: Fantasy - YA
Print Length: 250 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
One cure can save them all...

Princess Jovi's sheltered life has taught her nothing about Orendor, the kingdom she will one day rule. Longing for adventure isn't the same as being thrust in the middle of one, which is exactly what happens when the Frost Mages attack the castle in Kingsperch.

Determined to save her kingdom, Jovi must gather an army of brave warriors to defeat the Frost Mages and protect the people she loves. She seeks help from the bravest Mammoth Rider in all of Orendor—her fearless uncle, Meical.

Jovi will endure harrowing trials she never imagined she’d face, but as a daring new enemy emerges from the darkness, Jovi will discover a startling truth about herself that might open the door to a brand new future.

Will she choose the lives of many, or the heart of one?

Land of Strength and Sorrow by Cassandra Fear
(Secrets of Orendor, #1)

Land of Strength and Sorrow (Secrets of Orendor #1)It started with the death of a child, the lone act of one mage, but it would create a nightmare that could only end in a bitter war, unless one young princess can open the door to a new world and a new understanding. But first, she must discover the young woman within and learn what her heart is telling her.

Jovi never thought of herself as a warrior, particularly as her father, the King of Orender, kept her locked up within the castle grounds, guards as her constant shadows. Because of the cruel act of one mage, the Frost Mages had been cursed to suffer as the King and Queen did the day they lost their first-born child. Years later and the mages approach, wishing the curse to be lifted but an angry king will refuse and unleash the horrors of war on the land.

Desperate to end the war and save her kingdom, Jovi will undertake a quest to a forbidden land where she seek out the aid of a band of warriors forbidden in the kingdom. Jovi must convince her estranged uncle to return to the castle and protect not only the land of his birth, but the brother he left behind in anger. Time is running out, and a new and terrifying enemy has emerged, strong enough to destroy both the Frost Mages and the kingdom unless Jovi can unite her own unlikely army and arrive in time. She will also have to trust in her heart to choose the right path, does she choose young love over her kingdom or will the choice be made for her? Sometimes, the decisions we make can crush us, sometimes they will help us spread our wings and give us strength and vision.

LAND OF STRENGTH AND SORROW by Cassandra Fear has the magic of adventure, the edge of razor-sharp pain and animosity and the coming of age for a young woman who will discover what it means to be a true leader with heart. Meet magical creatures, feel their loyalties, love and determination to do the right thing against a deadly evil that has come out of the shadows.

An enchanting tale with a touch of darkness, innocence, and battle scenes that will have your adrenaline pumping, because no one is ever too old for a good fairy tale!

I received a complimentary review copy from Cassandra Fear!

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