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Lie to Me by Christine Anna Kirchoff

Lie to Me
by Christine Anna Kirchoff

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Evernight Teen (November 2, 2017)
Publication Date: November 2, 2017
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 238 pages
Available from: Amazon
My name’s Tevy and you’ll find me staring out the window of a psychiatric center. I’m not crazy, I don’t think. I see angels. Not the sweet faced, flowing robe kind either. I see sword-wielding, flying over our heads and killing each other angels. Everyone thinks I’m nuts, which is why I’m in here. For a while, I thought maybe that something went wrong in my head, maybe from my parents dying. But I was wrong, terribly wrong about everything: my parents, the angels, who I truly am or rather what I am.

Once I’m out, I have to dodge the angels without raising anyone's suspicions including the boy next door that has some secrets of his own. Dylan soon learns I’m not as normal as I pretend to be, but will he tell? Crazy or not, I can’t go back to the isolation ward. I’m thrust into a world I didn’t know existed. A world with angels and monsters … and they’re all coming for me. 

There’s a war coming and it’s time to pick sides.

Lie to Me by Christine Anna Kirchoff

Lie to MeThey said she suffered from PTSD when she claimed to see the angels fighting in the sky. Tevy was only eleven years old when her parents were killed in a car crash. She spent the next five years in a psychiatric facility, drugged, abused by the nurses, “treated” with therapy that didn’t work. It wasn’t until she learned to play the game, to give the answers the doctor wanted and to behave like an automaton that she was released. Tevy still saw the angels, but she never admitted it until the boy next door saw them, too. Was Dylan losing his mind, too or were those angels very, very real?

LIE TO ME by Christine Anna Kirchoff is a dark and edgy tale of one girl, who was abandoned by society because she couldn’t prove what she saw and her quest to find the truth with only the help of her neighbor and best friend. What Tevy would discover is that she was right, she was sane and she was a target from the angels and monsters above. How would she prove what she knows? How would she prove those five years were wrongfully taken from her? How would she handle the powers that were growing within her?

Christine Anna Kirchoff’s tale is equal parts enthralling and repulsive as we are witness to the power society has over a child to label and “treat” without censure. Witness the cruelty of her peers and the bond with the only boy who knows the truth. From clueless, but well-meaning adults to the arrogance of medical “professionals” to the true strength that Tevy possesses, this is one of those stories that will set your nerves on fire!

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