Friday, December 1, 2017

Mine by A.N. Senerella

by A.N. Senerella

My Rating: 2.5 Stars

Publisher: Inkitt (June 17, 2017)
Publication Date: June 17, 2017
Genre: YA
Print Length: 181 pages
Available from: Amazon
Anika Mason—simple name. Brown hair—average color. Blue eyes—she wished they were brown. But somehow she's attracted the attention of the new boy at highschool, and he is becoming quite obsessive and possessive over her. She needs to figure out how to get rid of him, fast. But when she's forced to lie about having a boyfriend to get him to leave her alone, she gives the name of the biggest player in the school; Brady Morrison. Not only did she not like him, but he barely knew she existed. And now she had to pretend she was dating him. Wonderful.

Mine by A.N. Senerella 

MineShe was an average looking girl, but her life was anything but average. She lived independent of parental guidance, had few close friends and became the object of a rather uncomfortable love triangle as she became an obsession for both the new boy in school and the most popular guy, the one who never gave her the time of day before Foster came around. She even had someone lurking in the shadows, someone she trusted blindly.

Anika is in over her head, drawn to the stranger who stalked her. Drawn to the boy who finally noticed her after all the years she had had a crush on him. Anika is also immature, not her fault, she is a teen, not equipped for the intensity of what is going on around her, not emotionally mature enough to see something was not right and flattered by the attention she was getting as she attempts to spread her wings in life.

Foster is the new guy at school and for an undisclosed reason, he is immediately drawn to her, he wants her, he even rages against anyone else’s attentions to her. Brady has been her crush for years, until she decided she did not even like the boy he was and suddenly he is there for her, is it because of some macho thing when he sees the new guy as a threat to his “awesomeness” or does he truly have feelings for Anika?

When Anika is suddenly in danger, who will stand up for her, how and why? Will Anika realize that she is faced with more than one unhealthy relationship or will her fairytale romances find her swept off by her prince charming?

MINE by A.N. Senerella is actually a great lesson in relationships, the kind to be very afraid of. Ms. Senerella has nailed the teen perspective, the teen blindness to danger and the teen desire to be sought after, to be independent of her parents, on the outside Anika seems to have that life a young teen would find freeing and fun.

Sound the alarm bells, call child protective services, some teens are mature enough to be on their own, not this one! Call in the counselor, no one should find being stalked to be okay, or to gravitate to someone who shows signs of being obsessed. No one should find an attraction to a guy who thinks bringing movies over means he should get lucky.

There is no doubt, A.N. Senerella can put together some well-worded reading. She has great talent as a young author. I would just like to see this one have at least some positive aspects to give to the generation it is directed at.

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