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Neon District: Alpha by Chad Campbell (The Neon District Trilogy, #1)

Neon District: ALPHA
by Chad Campbell

My rating: 3 stars

Series: The Neon District Trilogy - Book 1
Publication Date: November 12, 2017
Publisher: Chad Campbell
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 375 pages
Available from: Amazon
NEON DISTRICT, Caiden Nyx, a brooding prodigious black-hat hacker living his life on the fringes of criminality. Plagued by clouded memories of his past, and haunted by his extraordinary mental and physical capabilities. His desire to learn his past thrust him toward a thrilling, perilous journey uncovering dangerous government conspiracy, and cathartic self discovery. Forming unlikely friendships, he presses forward into the unknown madness of the sprawling city-state that will not only test his willingness to adapt, but his will to survive.

Neon District: Alpha by Chad Campbell
(The Neon District Trilogy, #1)

Neon District: ALPHA (The Neon District Trilogy, Book 1)In a futuristic dystopian world, the political machines and big corporations plowed their way through humanity. Crime was easily perpetrated via the internet and hackers were worth their weight in gold. Caiden Nyx was the best of the best, living life on the edge hidden behind false IPs, pushing his own hacking limits, nowhere was safe, just give him time.

Caiden was a mental giant, he was “more.” But why? Even he wasn’t sure of his past. It would be that “unreachable unknown” that would send him on a perilous journey that would uncover dark secrets, heinous experiments, death and the dark machinations of a corrupt world interested in only more power and more control and the recipe for the perfect citizen, soldier, puppet.

Nano-technology had been perfected, then lost, but not until it had birthed a hybrid and no one knew where he was or if he even still lived, but Caiden knew, just as he knew he couldn’t sit in the shadows and let corruption bleed the world dry.

NEON DISTRICT: ALPHA by debut author Chad Campbell has created a chaotic adventure in a chaotic world that is both dark and fascinating, because it doesn’t feel so far out of the realm of possibility that we cannot help but think, “What if?” Hidden within the often heavily detailed scenes is a tale that is filled with rapid-fire action.

Mr. Campbell has a fabulous story to tell, but sometimes the telling gets slightly bogged down with the minute details that would prove a huge plus if one were setting up a physical stage with actors in costume. There were times when I would be pulled out of the action and into the details provided that my mind would rather fill in, myself. This tended to de-valuate the power of the scene for me. Science fiction lovers who love the thrill of technology versus man and the evil power machine versus the human synapses firing, will find one heck of dark ride to enjoy!

I received a complimentary review copy from Chad Campbell.

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