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Oshun Rising by Jennifer Alsever ( Trinity Forest, #2)

Oshun Rising
by Jennifer Alsever

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Trinity Forest - Book 2
Publisher: Sawatch Publishing (August 28, 2017)
Publication Date: August 28, 2017
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 348 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
 OSHUN has everything a young pop star could ever want—fame, fortune, and beauty to spare. But there’s something dark inside of her, rising like the tide, fighting to be heard. Something that terrifies her. Because once she lets it out, she knows there’s no going back.

EMBER is drowning. Fighting for consciousness, struggling to make sense of the strange dreams she’s been having—prophecies of murder, deception, and blackmail. But once she begins to untangle them, she realizes that they might not be dreams at all…and if she doesn’t find a way to stop what she’s seeing, more people will die.

MADDIE is barely staying afloat. How can she be expected to care about school when her best friend Ember is still missing, presumed dead? So when Ember’s brother calls and tells her about his theory about a pop star who may be involved in Ember’s disappearance, she rallies him to take a road trip to check it out. 

 Oshun Rising by Jennifer Alsever ( Trinity Forest, #2)

Oshun Rising (Trinity Forest #2)Ember’s story continues through the hearts and voices of those who loved and knew the girl she once was. Hope still burns and in the three years Ember has been missing, her brother Jarod has become obsessed with finding her to the exclusion of all else in his life, except the companionship of Maddie, Ember’s best friend. Time flows differently in the Trinity Forest and in what seemed like only a very short time, Ember found Tre, but also discovered she had made a mistake escaping into the Trinity Forest, but can she really return back to her world as promised or will the price be too high to pay? Will she find Tre again, back in her reality? Her heart is torn, but her mistake has left her shattered.

Oshun is the latest popstar. Beautiful, charismatic on stage, yet aloof to the world around her. She came alive on stage, she could forget the darkness that grew within, she could forget the voice in her head that was not hers and the terror of losing herself to its words, because they cried for help.

Ember is lost in a space of non-existence, a place filled with dreams, nightmares, fleeting visions and memories, but are they hers? Where is she? Is it true what her nightmares say? Is the world about to be lost to an unknown enemy? She is herself, but not, and she is trapped, no longer in the Trinity Forest, no longer in her reality. Then she saw him, that young man in the crowd, and the jumbled puzzle that was her life began to slowly piece together into a nightmare more terrifying than she could have imagined, and she wanted to go where her heart called home.

Meanwhile, Jarod and Maddie will follow Jarod’s latest theory on where Ember was. Jarod believed his sister was alive and would come home. But is it too late for that? The world is dying and for every soul who succumbs to the mystery disease, an unknown force is growing stronger, more deadly, more brutal and more insane.

OSHUN RISING by Jennifer Alsever is NOT that sequel stepchild of so many series! This series is blown wide open with characters one can touch, feel true emotions for, from dislike to respect to fear and sympathy. Jennifer Alsever’s mind is like a garden in full bloom. I was captivated by EMBER BURNING, but OSHUN RISING has taken my breath away with Ms. Alsever’s powerful writing and brilliant storytelling. A tale of one girl running away from reality to that same girl finding the grass not only wasn’t greener, but was infested with the rot of hatred and trickery, begins another attempt to run. Ember now believes there was no place like home, but can we ever truly go home again? When do we stop and hold ourselves accountable for the decisions we make and what price are we willing to pay for the deals we make with the devil? When do we realize our decision affect not only ourselves, but those around us, like the butterfly effect?

This is NOT a fluffy fantasy with a touch of angst and a little crush here and there, this is dark, wickedly detailed and fabulously executed reading.

I received a complimentary review copy from Jennifer Alsever!

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