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The Best Dark Rain: A Post-Apocalyptic Struggle for Life and Love by Marco Etheridge

The Best Dark Rain
A Post-Apocalyptic Struggle for Life and Love 
by Marco Etheridge

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Marco Etheridge Fiction (November 22, 2017)
Publication Date: November 22, 2017
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Print Length: 347 pages
Available from: Amazon

There is precious little room for love in a dead city, a dead world. For not quite everyone died. Better if they had. Armed bands stalk the streets. In the shadows worse enemies prowl, horrible enemies. At the center of this bleak urban waste lies a makeshift fort. It is the refuge of Liz Walker and Pat O’Shea. They are the last living couple in the shell of what was once Seattle. 

Here on these dead streets a woman and a man must learn to love and fight. They bear weapons scavenged from the dead. Each of them carries the shadow of a past that could threaten their future. 

Amid murderous survivors and unlikely allies, the threat of hunters and the danger of trusting, Liz and Pat must battle for their lives. The stakes are high. For they must protect their new-found love as well as their lives. To lose either means to face alone this horrific world. 

The Best Dark Rain by Marco Etheridge

The Best Dark Rain: A Post-Apocalyptic Struggle for Life and LoveWelcome to life after the apocalypse.

What would happen if science tweaked our food sources just a little too far in order to answer the demand humanity places on the earth? Would Mother Nature fight back with a deadly virus that will kill billions, re-animating many into flesh and blood eating monsters, leaving the only a resistant few alive to fend for themselves? Would the survivors band together or would what is left of humanity degrade into their own form of monster in the name of survival? The cause was only speculation, but to two lovers, surviving on the edge in Seattle, hiding from marauding humans and the monsters that live in the shadows, always thinking, always preparing for the worst was how they stayed alive.

Liz and Pat thought they could be the last couple alive and their fortress was their home, the time foraging for supplies could mean their death. When they discover they are not alone, they will become part of an unlikely alliance, with fellow survivors that would never have bleeped on their radar back in the before times. Would they all survive as a family of sorts? Would the relationship between lovers survive now that the romantic dinners and flowers are gone, replaced with bats, guns and foraging?

THE BEST DARK RAIN by Marco Etheridge is a raw and rather human take on survival in a world gone mad. There are no over-the-top, unrealistic heroics, no heroes larger than life itself, there are real humans forced to dig deep and re-learn what is important to life.

Much of the book involves dialogue as we get to know each character, liking some more than others as they build cautious and honest relationships they would risk their lives for. It is learning to value the whole as much as oneself. Mr. Etheridge does not dwell on the gore, the re-animated humans are not the focal point, they do not come out in droves. They are not always mindless, but they are deadly, just as deadly as the gangs who see an opportunity to become kings over hell.

There is a constant feeling of the unknown just out of reach as we are invited into the tiny piece of the world these characters inhabit as if we are there. This isn’t a fast-paced read, but it is tense and thought-provoking and terrifying. It is also highly recommended!

I received a complimentary Review copy from Marco Etheridge.

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