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The Fixer by Jessica Gadziala

The Fixer
by Jessica Gadziala

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: December 7, 2017
Publisher: Jessica Gadziala
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 232 pages
Available from: Amazon

There are a few things I don’t believe in. Like Santa. An honest politician. And gut instincts. 
That was, of course, until I woke up with one.
And I knew.
This was the day I was going to die. 

The cops, thus far, have proven useless and uninterested in my issues. When you couldn’t get help from legal channels, what other choice did you have but to look elsewhere?
That was how I came across Quinton Baird. 
A “fixer.” 
Whatever the hell that was.
All I knew was, I had a problem that needed fixing.
Hopefully, before it killed me.


There were a few things I could put my faith to rest in. My team. People f*cking up, and needing my help. And my gut. 
So when my receptionist informed me that the woman in a case I decided wasn’t my kind of job was having a ‘gut feeling’ about being in desperate need of help, yeah, I dragged my a** across town to check things out.

Not only did I not bank on the fact that she was in trouble beyond what I could have anticipated, but she was not what I was expecting either. Beautiful, resilient, and one hell of a distraction I didn’t need.

As the pieces of her case start falling together, I was left wondering if maybe this new, unfamiliar sensation in my gut was telling me that Aven was much more than just another name on a case file…

The Fixer by Jessica Gadziala

The FixerWhere do you turn when even the police no longer seem to care if you have a stalker, because he is just too smart for them? Aven is terrified for her life. The man in the shadows keeps finding her, taunting her and he is getting closer, too close and she knows she is going to die.

In desperation, she calls a firm in town that “fixes” things. Apparently even they do not feel things are “broken” enough for them and then it happened. Her stalker made his move, vile disgusting and deadly. If not for the fixer’s savvy secretary, company owner Quin shows up the next day and from that point on, Aven became job one, better late than never, I guess.

For Quin, there is something about this tiny woman that hits him deep in his gut, deep in the heart he didn’t’ think existed anymore. He smells secrets and terror and the vulnerability of an innocent and he is determined to keep Aven safe, protected and close. The true romantic chemistry comes alive when Quin must be out of the country and technology plays cupid to two souls, one alone and afraid and one just the man to take care of her.

Jessica Gadziala’s THE FIXER has that same gritty flavor Ms. Gadziala is known for, but this time out, there is a gentleness in her alpha anti-hero, as well as his “team” that is priceless. Quin is not some rough-edged man, he is more polished, having buried his past and re-created himself in the world he has clawed his way to get to. Aven is that little bird who is clearly out of her depth, clearly running away from something and clearly out of her element in Navesink Bank. And THAT is what makes this tale so romantic. The big anti-hero is taken down by the woman who is NOT tough as nails.

Has Jessica Gadziala gone soft? Nope, she has gotten even better. She still makes her mark with bold strokes and larger than life characters who live life on the dark side of the street without becoming dark souls, themselves. She still finds love in a hard-as-nails world and it is amazing how we cannot help but feel every emotion, lie every moment and believe in the good in every character she gives us!

I know, I know, I’ve said this before, but I think THIS could be my favorite JG book yet and Navesink Bank is beginning to feel like a fictional home.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jessica Gadziala!

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