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The Last First Daughter by Abbie Fine

The Last First Daughter
by Abbie Fine

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Evernight Teen (December 6, 2017)
Publication Date: December 6, 2017
Genre: YA Dystopian
Print Length: 280 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Lindy is the only surviving member of the First Family. 

During the first television broadcast in a decade, direct from the White House, terrorists attack. Eighteen-year-old Lindy escapes thanks to her secret service officer, Henry, and now finds her country under the control of a cruel, oppressive regime—and she and Henry the targets of a countrywide manhunt.

Using fake identities and Lindy’s engineering skills, which allow her to build a network of radios, Lindy and Henry join a group planning to fight back against the new regime. Lindy must decide if she can sacrifice the relationship closest to her heart, her safety, and possibly her life to give millions of others hope for their future, and take back the White House.

The Last First Daughter by Abbie Fine

The Last First DaughterShe survived the televised murders of her family. For the first time in ten years, what was left of the nation was to see a live broadcast from the White House, but what they witnessed was a terrorist attack on the First Family and the beginning of a cruel and oppressive regime, bent on total control by any means.

Lindy, eighteen, has lived a sheltered life as a daughter of the President, now she must hide away somewhere off the grid as she becomes the target for death from the “Neons.” If not for Henry, her secret service officer, she could never have made it as far as they have. Changing her name and her appearance, Lindy will become an integral part in the resistance that is growing against the monsters now running the country. Yet, for all of her technical wizardry, she is far too na├»ve to understand how vulnerable she is to the advances of a charismatic leader and far to blind to see that Henry protects her, not because it is his job, but because of his heart.
Now Lindy must choose, stay in hiding or assume another identity and be the face that leads the masses to take back their country.

THE LAST FIRST DAUGHTER by Abbie Fine is a perfect “word feast” for young adult readers! It is the tale of a young woman, raised in the political arena, poised in public appearances, yet completely out of her depth when it comes to reading the intentions of a male. Henry is the quiet hero, strong, able to handle all situations, a man who never fails to have a plan to keep Lindy safe. Lindy was almost like two characters, the one who was lost in a strange new world, and the one who could command followers with eloquence. When the brief love triangle appeared, I wasn’t a big Lindy fan, she was far too immature for me. The minute she could do something for “the people” she became an intelligent leader, prepared to risk her own life and I loved the young woman she had become.

Engrossing reading from start to finish! Heroes will die, blood will be shed, but after years of turmoil, a nation will come to life to save itself, all because of one girl determined to channel her own hero, her mother. Fabulous reading, highly recommended!

I received a complimentary review copy from Evernight Teen. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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