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Venus Shining by Jennifer Alsever (Trinity Forest, #3)

Venus Shining
Trinity Forest Book 3
by Jennifer Alsever

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Trinity Forest - Book 3
Publisher: Sawatch Publishing (December 4, 2017)
Publication Date: December 4, 2017
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 376 pages
Available from: Amazon
TRIUMPHANT at last, Ember has fought her way back from the evil witch’s curse and reclaimed her identity, her sense of self. Now she must stop Xintra from hurting the boy she loves, even as she uncovers the truth behind her mother’s dark, twisted past. 

REJOICING in her power over the human race, Xintra is closer than ever to achieving her father’s dream—a dream she sacrificed her own life to realize. But when key members of her team defy her, she must scramble to enact her plan before obedience gives way to anarchy. 

BREAKING free from the chains that once bound her to a life of wickedness, Zoe must face the past she once sought to escape in order to save the futures of those she doomed. Will she make amends with the dead in time to save the living?

Venus Shining by Jennifer Alsever (Trinity Forest, #3)

Venus Shining: Trinity Forest Book 3 (Trinity Forest Series)This is it! The battle to save humanity and it will be fought on a plane of evil and magic. Few will know, but it will change the fate of the world, winner take all. Jennifer Alsever has raised the bar, once again and VENUS SHINING is a shining testament to her imagination and creative prowess.

Ember has returned to herself, she is awakened and now she will do everything in her power to save Tre and all of the other rebirthers that are under Xintra’s spell, but first she must take a journey through the past her mother lived, she must reconnect with a woman gifted with knowledge Ember needs. What Ember discovers through her mother’s journals is both unbelievable and undeniably exactly what Ember knows, Xintra is real, her evil is real and she has been growing her army for decades. Even Xintra’s lieutenants are awakening, all because of the magic held in stones, but can they be trusted? Hurricanes, the virus, and other “unnatural” occurrences will converge to destroy the world, leaving it ripe for Xintra to overpower and rule, unless she is stopped by Ember and the army of rebirthers she hopes to awaken in time. She can only wait and see if she stands alone against a crazed Xintra who carries on her father's ghoulish dream.

Will they come from around the world? Will they follow the messages they have been sent? Will the precious stones work their own Earth magic against the dark magic of witchcraft?

Every thread, every character, every action is leading to the final showdown into the unknown and Jennifer Alsever does not let up as she ratchets up the tension, the intrigue and pours it all out into the pages of VENUS SHINING. Ember will learn there IS no place like home, that her own quest for happiness was self-destructive and that she has little time to make amends. She is the key, but is Ember ready to take the mantle of power? Is she ready to believe in herself, her true self?

This series has gotten better with each addition. Whether you are a young adult reader or just love great writing that transports you into another place and time, filled with rapid-fire action, stress levels through the roof and terror of the unknown, this series is highly recommended for that great escape!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jennifer Alsever!

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