Thursday, January 11, 2018

Black Hole Infection by Nazarea Andrews (The Hopeless World, #2)

Black Hole Infection
by Nazarea Andrews

My rating: 3 stars

Series: The Hopeless World - Book 2
Publication Date: January 7, 2018
Publisher: Nazarea Andrews
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic
Print Length: 204 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
They thought they knew how the world ends…
Parker has always been other, an outsider in the Last Holdout, a strange almost feral creature that trusted Josiah. Josiah always accepted his strangeness as a strength. 
Africa changed everything. 
Parker is different here. Dangerous and powerful in a way neither knew he could be. It's terrifying. 
But if they are going to survive the continent, they'll need to trust each other--and their reluctant allies--in ways they never have before. 
All of Africa is watching them as they change the balance of power. 
And the zombies aren't the only things trying to kill them. 

Black Hole Infection by Nazarea Andrews
(The Hopeless World, #2)

Black Hole Infection (The Hopeless World, #2)Chaos, dark, deadly chaos rules a dying world. Nazarea Andrews pulls us into a world that has been infected and what is left of humanity festers in fear and hatred. Zombies are killing machines, and there are those who can control them.

Gangs are raping the world, there is no structure anymore, and humanity has become as feral as the infected. Forced to leave behind their sanctuary, a band of humans will travel to Africa, seeking answers to questions they may not even have thought of yet. What they find is animosity, mistrust and death. Those with the greatest power over the hordes wins, period.

BLACK HOLE INFECTION by Nazarea Andrews is NOT a light read, it is intense, it is filled with details, memories, and a feeling of confusion as we follow one band of allies, each with their own pasts, each fighting for their future, and each terrified they may have trusted in the wrong people.

Do NOT even attempt to read BLACK HOLE INFECTION without having read the first book in this series. Although there is a thread between other Nazarea Andrews books including characters that cross over, I have the feeling you MUST read book one first. I felt I was struggling to stay in the moment many times, wondering how another of her books I have read, relates to this story!

I received a Complimentary ARC edition from Nazarea Andrews as part of a voluntary blog tour review!

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