Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blunt Force Magic: The Monsters and Men Trilogy-Book One by Lawrence Davis (the Monsters and Men Trilogy #1)

Blunt Force Magic
The Monsters and Men Trilogy-Book One

My rating:
Written by: Lawrence Davis
Series: The Monsters and Men Trilogy (Book 1)
Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: WildBlue Press
Publication Date: December 30, 2017
ISBN-10: 194729010X
ISBN-13: 978-1947290105
Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy

"A modern fantasy with a touch of noir, a dash of detective thriller, and a sprinkling of humor throughout. A really fun debut novel." Janzen Robin

Then fate (or a case of bad timing) brings him face to face with a door that’s got his old life written all over it. From the ancient recesses of unyielding darkness known as the Abyss, a creature has been summoned: a Stalker, a predator whose real name is forbidden to be spoken aloud. It’s a bastardization of the natural order, a formidable blend of dark magic and primal tenacity. Its single-minded mission? Ending the life of a fiery, emerging young witch.

Thrust into the role of protector, a role once reserved for those he’d lost years ago, the out-of-practice Artificer not only has to return to a life he’d left behind, but must relive that painful past while also facing down the greatest threat to come to our world in a century. Janzen will have to journey through the magical underbelly of the city and stay one step ahead of an unstoppable monster hellbent on destruction while also trying to figure out why it’s been brought to our world. Old wounds are reopened as Janzen looks to old friends, a quiet stranger, and his own questionable wits to see them all to the other side of this nightmare that may cost him his life and, quite possibly, the world itself.
Blunt Force Magic: The Monsters and Men Trilogy-Book OneBlunt Force Magic: The Monsters and Men Trilogy-Book One by Lawrence Davis

Janzen was on the hero’s path until a tragic accident rips away his desire to be a part of that world.

Five years later he is faced with the choice of saving a young woman and her father from a beast from another dimension or continue hiding from his fated roll. Without much thought, he jumps in using magic to save the day. This act catapults him back into the world of magic and the fight of good against evil.

This is my first read from Lawrence Davis and I utterly enjoyed the heck out of it. He seamlessly blends humor, strife, action and suspense, weaving a tale that quickly hooks the reader.

Wow! Blunt Force Magic is a slow building, new urban fantasy by Lawrence Davis. It is a fabulous introduction into an amazing, well built world that sucks the reader right in and has us pondering his imagings long after you are done while leaving us wanting more.

I received this copy Blunt Force Magic from WildBlue Press. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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