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Don't Wait For Me by Dan Kolbet

Don't Wait For Me
by Dan Kolbet

My rating: 4 stars

Publisher: Alfe Publishing (December 8, 2013)
Publication Date: December 8, 2013
Genre: Holidays | Romance
Print Length: 235 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Edwin Klein's iconic downtown toy store is hanging by a thread. The end is near, but he won't accept it. The store is all he has left of his wife and he can't let it go. Failure and loss have led him to a dark place.

After a chance encounter with a shoplifter, he stumbles upon the help of Amelia Cook, who is struggling with her own loss. Through one holiday season the two of them hatch a plan to save the store and in turn touch the lives of everyone they know. 

What follows is a wonderful, but tragic tale of love, loss and new beginnings. 

A great read for the holiday season!

Don't Wait For Me by Dan Kolbet

Things in life happen for a reason and finding our personal happy ending may come in the most unlikely ways. Edwin didn’t set out to be a toy store owner, but now, it has become a lifeline to his past, a way to hold on to his wife who was taken too early. Times change and Edwin flounders, lost, alone and heartbroken. The little shop no longer is his lifeline, but an anchor that that is pulling him under, emotionally, mentally and financially.

It wasn’t until the quirky Amelia came into his life in a most unlikely way that the two of them will find a path to the light at the end of a dark tunnel and a path least expected.

The holiday season they met would become one of miracles shared in the most wonderful way.
DON’T WAIT FOR ME by Dan Kolbet is NOT your typical second chance romance, it is a tale of letting go of the past, learning to live, give and love life again. The beauty of this tale is in the simplicity of its message and how one man learns to see a glass half full, even at what could have been the worst of times.

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