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Joy Island by Bobby Underwood

Joy Island
by Bobby Underwood

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Bobby Underwood (June 5, 2016)
Publication Date: June 5, 2016
Genre: Romance
Print length: 28 Pages
Available from: Amazon
Two lonely people who've never met find themselves the lone passengers on a mysterious train bound for Joy Island. Neither can remember their past, or how they got aboard the train, in this lovely and tender story of damage and second chances.

Joy Island by Bobby Underwood

Joy IslandLamont “awoke” on a train, seemingly the lone passenger, where is he going? How did he get on the train? He discovers a beautiful young lady, Vicki is also on board and not even Vicki knows where they are going or why.

It wasn’t until the train came into its station that they would learn they had arrived at JOY ISLAND. What IS Joy Island? Why were they there? Although their pasts are still a mystery, their meeting and the beauty and joyful atmosphere of the island seem like paradise.

What Lamont and Vicki would discover, along with the heartbreaking memories of their pasts, is a chance for a future filled with love, companionship and joy.

Bobby Underwood has created a simple short, yet sweet and uplifting tale that proves there can always be a “happily ever after” once you find the right person to share a love that will last an eternity. Perfect to bring a smile to readers’ hearts!

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