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The Jane Colt Trilogy by Mary Fan

The Jane Colt Trilogy
by Mary Fan

My rating: 5 stars

Trilogy: The Jane Colt Trilogy - Complete Set
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC (December 26, 2017)
Publication Date: December 26, 2017
Genre: Science Fiction | Space Opera
Page count: 1000
Available as a Trilogy Set from: Amazon

A friend's kidnapping and a plot to frame her brother for murder - all within 24 hours - throw Jane Colt's world into a tailspin. Her quest for the truth takes her on galaxy-spanning adventures that unearth more than she bargained for - conspiracies surrounding artificial intelligence, secrets from the past, and dangers her once-ordinary life could never have prepared her for. 

A complete space opera trilogy with a liberal dose of cyberpunk, the Jane Colt novels follow a young woman's exploits across the stars, through cyberspace, and into the most lawless corners of the universe.

Books in the trilogy:
Artificial Absolutes 
Synthetic Illusions
Virtual Shadows

The Jane Colt Trilogy by Mary Fan

The Jane Colt TrilogyWhat does it mean to be human in an existence that spans worlds and light-years of space? “Humans” have created and “perfected” artificially intelligent, sentient beings, but can they understand emotions or feelings? You may think that’s an easy answer, but after flying at light speed into outer space, hiding out on strange planets and watching humans fall in love, you may find yourself re-thinking your first response.

Mary Fan’s THE JANE COLT TRILOGY is high octane reading that easily puts science fiction, space operas into the must-read category! Rapidfire reading, this journey through the galaxies is simply brilliant as unlikely heroes play hide and seek with danger, political machinations and become warriors for truth, survival and acceptance.

Jane Colt knew her life wasn’t going the way she wanted. The daughter of a powerful and wealthy businessman, she did not expect to become a singer, a fugitive, a fighter or even a lover. Jane will be betrayed, she will learn to trust in the unlikely and unbelievable and suspect the establishment.

Someone is working behind the scenes to destroy Jane’s home planet, her family’s powerbase and Jane’s very heart. Witness the metamorphosis of a pampered young woman into a true force to be reckoned with.

Hang on for the ride of your life, as Mary Fan opens new worlds, new dilemmas and tackles some fascinating issues through simply incredible characters and fantastical scenes. Wonderful storytelling that brings science fiction to life!

I received a complimentary copy from Red Adept Publishing. This is my voluntary review!

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