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Verity by Claire Farrell (Cursed, #1)

by Claire Farrell

My rating: 3 stars

Series: Cursed - Book 1
Publication Date: April 24, 2011
Publisher: Claire Farrell
Genre: YA Fantasy | Paranormal
Print Length: 188 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Sixteen-year-old Perdita Rivers has spent her entire sheltered life being told what to do. Lately, she’s felt ready for a change, and the universe seems to agree. Her new best friend’s brother is the boy of Perdita’s dreams. Literally. 

Even though he plays hot and cold, she’s sure there’s more to it, but she’s kind of distracted by the sense she’s being followed - not to mention the rumours of wild animal sightings that seem to mean more to her new crush’s family than they should. Perdy’s on a mission to find the truth, but maybe the truth is the danger she should hide from, after all.

Verity by Claire Farrell (Cursed, #1)

Her life has been controlled by her family. On one hand, her father refuses to allow her to do anything, on the other, her grandmother allows her to spread her wings, providing her father doesn’t know and if he finds out, well, grandma really doesn’t care. There is Perdita, stuck in the middle, sixteen and anxious to live a little, do what her peers do, in other words…be a teen.

VERITY by Claire Farrell has nailed the trials and tribulations of being a normal teen, but Perdy is far from normal, and not even just regular “far from normal.” Perdy is part of a curse and she is clueless, totally clueless. One thing she does know is someone or something seems to be following her, watching her and just maybe her father had the right idea, keeping her hidden away…and then that rebellious teen thing rears its head...

Living life in school on the outer fringe, with only her cousin and one girlfriend, life begins to change for Perdy when Amelia and her brother Nathan start classes. Amelia is determined to become great friends with Perdy and Nathan is determined to ignore her. Poor Perdy, how does she deal with Nathan? She has seen him in her dreams before she ever met him! As she discovers their family secret, Perdy comes to realize that things that go bump in the night really do exist and she is caught up in the middle of something she, once again has no control over.

Have her father and grandmother been keeping something from her? Is she losing her mind? Werewolves? Werewolves following Perdy? Who is Nathan to her? Why is hot one minute than cold as ice the next? Perdy wanted a freedom and a life, but maybe if she had known what she knows now, she would have watched what she wished for.

Claire Farrell has created a teen character in Perdy that is extremely and painfully realistic, and often hard to deal with, then again, I have never been FATED to mate with a werewolf! Nathan, werewolf in question is definitely NOT the alpha type. He actually has a pretty spineless streak that makes him less than the hot hero guy in my book.

This is the first in a series, so a lot of unanswered questions and murky answers are sure to be cleared up later on, and hopefully combing the tangles out in the process! A YA read that nails angst, immaturity and “being thrown to the wolves” perfectly, proving that NOT keeping dark secrets can shed light on potential problems before they become ginormous.

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