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Apple Pie to Die For by Sharon Kleve

Apple Pie to Die For
by Sharon Kleve

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Books to Go Now (February 5, 2018)
Publication Date: February 5, 2018
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 56 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Marjorie’s apple pie is award winning, but is it worth dying for?

All Marjorie Vanhorn desires is to make people happy with her award-winning pies—and to be kissed by the delectable county medical examiner, Anderson Swift.
Marjorie’s nemesis is Eloise, the newly appointed county fair organizer, she is blackmailing contestants to get their award-winning recipes. She really wants Marjorie’s apple pie recipe, and if she doesn’t get it, she is willing do whatever it takes to stop Marjorie from winning more blue ribbons.
After being released, jailbird Vega disappears. Kelli and her son Joey are finally free of her physically abusive husband. Nobody misses him, not even his parents.
When Vance, Vega’s twin brother is released from prison, he heads for Marjorie's house where he suspects he might find his brother...and a little fun. Marjorie has no desire to be Vance’s fun. 

Apple Pie to Die For by Sharon Kleve

Apple Pie to Die ForMarjorie Vanhorn is a pie lover’s dream! She is known for her award winning APPLE PIE TO DIE FOR and her kind and generous nature. Unfortunately, she is about to take that caring and protective nature a little too far, okay, a lot too far, but keeping her deed a secret won’t be easy, especially when her boyfriend is the county medical examiner.

Sharon Kleve has taken a seemingly cozy mystery with quirky characters and turned a lovely pie baking maven into a woman of mystery with a much darker and edgier side. Of course her pie recipes are a secret, but sweet Marjorie just may be hiding a secret far greater than what kind of apples she uses or how long she bakes those magical pies!

Marjorie proves that even the sweetest among us can have a less than delightful side, but no one could accuse her of not being nice! Short, sweet with a little tart kicker at the end, this little mystery has its own secret ingredients that make it stand out as a winner!

I received a complimentary copy from Sharon Kleve!

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