Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bitterhold by Hunter Trammell (Phoenix Rising, #1)

by Hunter Trammell

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Phoenix Rising - Book 1
Publication Date: December 10, 2017
Publisher: Hunter Trammell
Genre: Science Fiction
Print Length: 131 pages
Available from: Amazon
In the future, Earth’s civilization has spread across the stars and now humans and aliens peacefully coexist under the rule of the Eglar Empire as it spreads relentlessly across the universe. Crime is almost unheard of and to many the Empire is a Godsend. 

But for an enlightened few it is different. While the media distorts the facts, the universe is on the verge of destruction as the Elgar’s get closer to the Aisle of Dominion, an ancient fable that tells of immeasurable power to whomever beholds it. 

An attack on an Eglar Militia base forces Decklan Brady, a grieving father of one of the casualties, to embark on a quest for retribution. But as he investigates he discovers that there is more to it than he was led to believe. 

Falling foul of the law, Decklan ends up as a prisoner in Bitterhold, a cryogenic reformation colony onboard the Starship Arcadia. There, he befriends Wesley Rhead, the former leader and founder of a militia group known as Phoenix. 

Together, the two devise a plan to escape and rekindle the fire of a broken dream. But can Phoenix really bring justice to the oppressed and restore peace throughout the stars? And can Decklan expose the harsh truth of what happens within the Eglar Empire?

Bitterhold by Hunter Trammell (Phoenix Rising, #1)

Bitterhold (Phoenix Rising Book 1)An oppressive ruling empire, political machinations and manipulations, a growing rebellion and a fabled artifact of immense power, all enough to have readers welded to Hunter Trammell’s tale, BITTERHOLD. Enter Decklan Brady, with the need for retribution, a man who could be key to saving the universe, a man imprisoned for discovering too many truths and reacting with a blind and raging vengeance.

Decklan is now a “guest” on the Starship Arcadia, a prison ship where inmates enter cryogenic stasis only to be awakened a decade later, over and over. Now privy to the reality of the perfect universe created by a deceitful regime, he will embark on a mission to expose the Eglar Empire through a floundering rebel group known as Phoenix. Will he be the catalyst to save the universe? He needs closure for his own pain, but can he ignore the greater picture?

If you are a fan of intrigue, the battle to conquer evil in the name of justice or an action-packed science fiction that is raw and gritty, Hunter Trammell has a story to tell and you will be hooked from page one. This an ideal read when time is short and you want all of the meat and potatoes without the fluff as this author pours on scene after razor taut scene of conflict, brutal action and reaction and tosses in brilliantly depicted characters that come to life, jumping off the pages.
Witness the strength of one man who will set aside his own future, face the losses of his past as he willingly undertakes a mission that will change the face of the future of the universe and all of its inhabitants.

Highly recommended, definitely a hidden gem that will bring a galaxy of intense reading that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I received a complimentary copy from Hunter Trammell!

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