Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cursed by Mila Young (Haven Realm, #3)

A Reverse Harem Fairy Tale Retelling
by Mila Young

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Haven Realm - Book 3
Publication Date: February 20, 2018
Publisher: Mila Young
Genre: Fantasy Romance | Reverse Harem
Print Length: 293 pages
Available from: Amazon
Beauty and the Four Beasts. A Deadly Curse. A Fallen Kingdom.

With magic banned in the human realm, Bee, a powerful witch, has had to offer her services in secret. When a request to break a curse comes from the dangerous mountains and royal bear shifters, Bee is hesitant, but winter is coming and funds are tight.

At the castle, Bee finds things are not quite what she was led to believe. The curse Bee is meant to break has reached its zenith, siphoning off the Prince's life while preventing him from controlling his shifting abilities. He is volatile, angry, and far stronger than she had imagined. His brothers, who commissioned her, present her with a challenge - fix it, or lose everything.

Soon the curse is spreading throughout the castle, taking brother alike. It's a race against the clock, buffeted by dark magic, intrigue, and a strange attraction that has her looking at the four brothers in a new light.
Cursed by Mila Young (Haven Realm, #3)

Cursed: A Reverse Harem Fairy Tale Retelling (Haven Realm Book 3)Mila Young’s writing is blazing hot in CURSED and it isn’t because it is the story of a powerful witch who finds love with not one, but four bear princes! Filled with humor, heart and heat, CURSED is my favorite book so far in the haven Realm Series. Is it the characters that come to life and made me smile? Is it the pain of four brothers cursed and suffering so terribly? Or could it be the relationships that and trusts that were built between Bee and the boys? Um, yes, yes, and yes!

I admit, I was a little taken aback by the thought of four hot guys and only one Bee, but there were emotions that came alive that rocked back and forth between cute, playful and desperately needed.

Bee needed the money offered to break a curse on four bear princes, a girl has got to eat, you know. Her introduction to the shifters was comical, but what she discovered at their castle was horrific and the clock is ticking on saving their lives. Who would curse these royal bears? Why would they do it? Bee is determined to save the princes and her heart.

Fun, sexy, tense. Read CURSED as a standalone, but do NOT miss the other fantasy tales in this series!

I received a complimentary copy from Mila Young!

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