Friday, February 23, 2018

Dead Girl by Jesse Teller

Dead Girl
by Jesse Teller

My rating: 5 stars

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Deep in the mountains of Neather, Ellen reveres her elders and follows their traditions until a young man betrays her trust and violates her innocence. Pregnant and shunned by her tribe, Ellen’s last shred of tenderness dies with her stillborn baby. After years of isolating herself in grief, she leaves the mountain to carve out a future. Surviving her youth will take all of Ellen’s resolve and develop a life she could not have foreseen.

Dead Girl is one of four novellas in the collection Legends of the Exiles, which releases April 15, 2019.
Dead Girl by Jesse Teller

Dead GirlShe was young, she was innocent and her hormones overrode her common sense. Ellen was used, betrayed and left pregnant, shunned by her family and village, abused by the midwife who was meant to be her support. Her baby dead, her body scarred, she survived physically, but the grief has destroyed her.

Turning her back on society and its cruelties, she becomes a hermit, spending her days telling her story, expressing her rage with paint and crude writing tools. Why did her life turn out so wrong? Why did her baby die? Why wasn’t she deserving of support and love? Would it be better to end her existence or would that mean that the worst of society’s hard heartedness had won? As the years go by, few will break through the shields she has put up around her, both physically and emotionally. Will their caring warm the coldness in her heart? Will Ellen find the courage to move on? It would take a miracle to give her a reason to live, but perhaps that miracle is coming…if it is not too late.

Jesse Teller’s DEAD GIRL is a dark and brutal story of one young girl’s torment in a society too blind to see their injustice. It is the story of unknown strength and a will to survive, even with the burning rage that was destroying what was left of this young woman. Jesse Teller writes with a stark clarity and raw emotion that will burrow deep into the soul of every reader as we recoil at the callousness of the many and the kindness of the few brave souls. Definitely a story that will stay with readers.

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Jesse Teller!

Coming soon! Dead Girl is one of four novellas in the collection Legends of the Exiles, which releases April 15, 2019.

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