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Do You Realize? by Kevin Kuhn

Do You Realize?
by Kevin A. Kuhn

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Beaver's Pond Press (February 16, 2017)
Publication Date: February 16, 2017
Genre: SciFi | Fantasy
Print Length: 416 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

George is a middle-management, middle-class, middle-aged guy who hates his job and struggles to stay connected to his wife and teenage children. Most guys might end up with a steamy affair and a flashy car for their midlife crisis, but George gets a quirky, philosophical physics professor named Shiloh. Trapped with this mysterious misfit on his morning commuter train, George is dragged into awkward conversations about love, fear, music, and the meaning of life. Shiloh asks George to beta-test an app he wrote for the new Apple Watch--and with a free watch included, how could he say no? 

When tragedy strikes, throwing George out of his uncomfortable comfort zone, he learns that Shiloh's app lets him journey through alternate versions of his past. As challenges mount in his own reality, George must make a decision that will change him--and possibly the entire multiverse--forever.

Do You Realize? by Kevin Kuhn

Do You Realize?George was a regular guy, dealing with the pressures of the day to day grind, feeling his marriage was comfortable, but lacking and finding his children were growing up and away from him. Is this all there would be for George, mediocracy to his dying day? Enter Shiloh, a quirky professor who ignored George’s “stay away vibe” on their morning commute. Day after day Shiloh would chatter on about life, love, and their meanings. It wasn’t until Shiloh offered George a free Apple Watch just for trying out the app he had created that George would find his interest peaked. Could Shiloh be an eccentric genius? What exactly was this “app” anyway? The watch was free, right, so what could it hurt to humor the guy?

That watch and that quirky professor would take George on a journey of discovery that would forever change him and the world around him. George would be given the chance to relive his past in alternate universes, seeing events from his present day perspective. George would be given an impossible gift that would alter his outlook on life, love and the personal responsibility he held for making the most out of every minute of every day.

Kevin Kuhn’s DO YOU REALIZE is a brilliantly executed tale that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Haven’t we all had at least one memory that we see differently now? What if we were given the chance to see the past through different perspectives? Would we be better able to handle the ups and downs of life today and in the future? Would we appreciate life more and own our responsibilities to engage beyond our own sphere?

George starts out as that guy that just never seems happy with his lot in life. Shiloh is like a breath of fresh air. Kevin Kuhn gives us moments of humor, heartache and “AHA” moments that reaffirm that life is what we make it, although I’m pretty sure a watch with an “app” is not required, it’s just something we can relate to! Completely unique and entertaining from start to finish with an easy to read style! If it makes you think afterwards, that’s definitely a plus!

I received a complimentary copy from Kevin Kuhn!

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