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Exploding Love by Amanda Siegrist

Exploding Love
A Romantic Suspense/Psychic Short Story
by Amanda Siegrist

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: February 16, 2018
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 75 pages
Available from: Amazon


Bang. Boom.

Isabella Thorn has lived her life with vision after vision, trying to help save people when she can. Of course, not all can be saved. Her latest vision hits her so strong, she’s out for hours. Worse, she sees Detective Bo Chapman, the only man to ever capture her heart, shoot her to save other people from the bomb strapped to her chest. Now she must come face to face with Bo to tell him what’s coming. Something so vicious and brutal, she’s not sure she’ll survive. He’ll need to make a choice. Let the bomb blow, or kill her to save everyone else.

Note: This romantic suspense/psychic short story was born out of my weekly flash fiction I write. The first few chapters are from my flashes. I hope you enjoy this short thrilling story!

Exploding Love by Amanda Siegrist

Exploding Love: A Romantic Suspense/Psychic Short StorySometimes the biggest thrills can be short and sweet! EXPLODING LOVE by Amanda Siegrist is a quick tale of second chance love, IF Isabella and Bo live long enough to finally admit their past mistakes and make amends.

Isabella has always had visions, but this time they involve the man she never forgot, the one that walked away with her shattered heart. Yet, there is something about her visions that parallel crimes that Detective Bo Chapman is investigating. As Bo wonders why she would waltz into his life again after three years, he discovers she may be the key to solving the cases. Isabella still holds the key to his heart, but why should she let him in again? When all is said and done, Bo will have to make the most important decision of his life, does he choose Isabella or play Russian Roulette with murder?

Amanda Siegrist’s style with her short stories has all of the impact of a much longer read and are every bit as satisfying as she quickly sets the atmosphere and colors life into her characters! With a little paranormal and a lot of romance, this crime thriller may be short, but it is the perfect escape into wonderful storytelling!

I received a complimentary ARC copy from Amanda Siegrist!

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