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Northern Pines by Sasha Hibbs

Northern Pines
by Sasha Hibbs

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Evernight Teen (January 18, 2018)
Publication Date: January 18, 2018
Genre: YA Romance
Print Length: 152 pages
Available from: Amazon |  Barnes & Noble
Rosslyn Emerson’s future is planned out: working at her aunt’s diner, college in the fall, and studying in between. What she didn’t plan for? Totaling her car and causing more damage to the Northern Pines farm than she can afford. 

Things couldn’t be any worse until the boy she’s had a hate-hate relationship with since childhood—Ben Spiker—proposes an alternative to cover the destruction to his father’s farm. Instead of turning the damage into her insurance, Ben offers her to work alongside him on the farm to pay off her debt. 

Farm life couldn’t be that tough, right? Rosslyn didn’t think so until she’s reminded why they’re destined to fight each other, even as feelings begin to grow. Rosslyn remembers what Ben did to her when they were kids. Will Ben help her remember what happened differently, or will Rosslyn’s humiliation over a childish incident stand in the way of a blossoming love?

Northern Pines by Sasha Hibbs

Northern PinesRosslyn had a plan when she graduated from high school. She would work the summer at her aunt’s diner, then head to college, easy, right? She hadn’t planned on the accident or being indebted to the hot but rude guy with the cocky attitude. They say love and hate are two sides of the same coin, but there is no way Rosslyn could ever having feelings for Ben, right? No. Way.

NORTHERN PINES by Sasha Hibbs is a delightfully light young adult tale that proves Fate has a keen sense of humor and Cupid can be quite the jokester! Rosslyn is a typical college bound teen, attempting to be responsible a she prepares for college. The accident just wasn’t in her budget, and she was definitely thrown for a loop. Throughout this tale, Ben is clearly more than he seems at first glance. As the story progresses, his true self is revealed layer by layer. Together, they make an adorable couple, whether they are bickering, working side by side or even while one is avoiding the big heart-shaped elephant in the room!

A quick, light and fun read!

I received a complimentary copy from Evernight Teen!

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