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Praxis Novellas by Andrea Pearson (Mosaic Chronicles, #2)

Praxis Novellas
by Andrea Pearson

My rating: 3 stars

Series: Mosaic Chronicles - Book 2
Publication Date: September 22, 2014
Publisher: Andrea Pearson
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 165 pages
Available from: Amazon
The Focus:
When Nicole, a talented cellist, goes to Ohio to sharpen her skills with wind magic, she has no idea her studies are about to collide with terrifying creatures and people from another dimension. Based off one of HP Lovecraft’s popular stories.

The Manor:
Austin receives a photograph in the mail and quickly discovers something about it isn’t quite right: every time he looks at it, there are changes.
And the changes aren’t good.

The Angel:
Lizzie doesn't know the old whistle she found in a deserted trapper's cabin is possessed. She blows on it, accidentally calling back the spirit of a dead goddess consumed by the desire to snare the person who called her.

When the goddess arrives in the form of a statue, the stillness of Lizzie's mountain retreat is destroyed. 

Praxis Novellas by Andrea Pearson  (Mosaic Chronicles, #2)

Praxis Novellas (Mosaic Chronicles, #2)Three short stories are nestled in between books one and three, all designed to give more depth to three main characters, Nicole, Austin and Lizzie. Brief bites to be read all at once or broken up when time allows.

The Focus: Nicole still struggles to gain focus on her magic. When she hears and feels the magic from an apartment above, she is thrown into a dark world where terror awaits. Just enough to keep readers guessing at what will happen next, while hoping for more detail in a complete novel.

The Manor: Finally a bit more in depth knowledge about Austin, as a photo becomes a chameleon that looks different to different people, constantly changing, growing more dark and ominous. When Austin is compelled to find this mysterious home, he steps into a world of dark magic far stronger than any seen before, but once again, the loss of a child cannot be prevented, although it may no longer be a mystery. The best of the lot, this had me from start to a finish that came far too soon! Another tease for another novel?

The Angel: Lizzie, Nicole’s flashy, funny best friend finds that the peace and solitude of a mountain retreat becomes a nightmare she may not escape from and it all started with an old whistle she found. A quick tale with a few moments of seeing Lizzie on her own, using her powers and surviving the clutches of an ancient goddess!

Andrea Pearson has created a bridge between novels that is almost like three literary commercials, just little snippets that hopefully will lead to further explanations later! Nothing too heavy, not quite enough to truly sink your teeth into but definitely entertaining.

I received a complimentary copy from Andrea Pearson.

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