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Queen of Gods by Scarlett Dawn & Katherine Rhodes (Vampire Crown, #1)

Queen of Gods
by Scarlett Dawn

My Rating: 4.5 Stars - Because I see the potential for a Love/Hate Relationship with this series

Series: Vampire Crown - Book 1
Publication Date: February 27, 2018
Genre: Dark, Erotic Fantasy
Print Length: 399 pages
Available from: Amazon
Dark. Brutal. Sexy.
The VAMPIRE CROWN series sets emotions on fire, as vampires and druids hunger for one thing—power. Sex, secrets, and bloodshed twist two intoxicating love stories into one wicked tale. 

Magic is life. 
Bound to S'Kir, the Unseen Gods wait to reunite with their brethren. Only an ancient prophecy keeps their hope alive. 

Blood is life. 
Locked away from S'Kir on earth, the Vampire Overlords and an Original Druid hold their crowns with brute power. The Law is all that keeps their savage nature hidden.

Until one defiant vampire is awakened early from her Rest and summoned to the vampire stronghold. In her wake, all hell breaks loose...

Magic always wins.
But never without blood.

Queen of Gods by Scarlett Dawn & Katherine Rhodes (Vampire Crown, #1)

Queen of Gods (Vampire Crown, #1)Power and sex, lies and secrets, hidden agendas and open hatred. Welcome to the world of QUEEN OF GODS as a new series starts out with a “dual personality” and multiple players, all with an agenda of their very own. Two storylines are playing out as two main voices are heard, Gwynnore, a fierce, over-the-top-with-outward-attitude vampire awakened from a long sleep and Kimber, a Druid who seems to be Gwyn’s polar opposite. Authors Scarlett Dawn and Katherine Rhodes each lend their voice to this tale and neither shies away from in-your-face and bold writing that readers will either love or hate or love to hate in an I-need-more-before-I-pass-judgement kind of way. I think that is where I fall.

I do like when an author is not afraid to bring characters to the table that are less than redeeming in my eyes, because I can always hope for more to come as the series unfolds. These authors have brought them in spades, within both storylines that will surely merge or intersect in a brilliant way eventually. Throughout, I did find two characters I actually liked right off the bat. I am beyond curious to see where this series is going and how these two authors will merge their tales in a way that will make me say, “Aha, I see,” and finishes off the myriad of dangling wires that are clearly being created.

Fans of erotica are definitely going to find something here as sex is used as power, magic and blood become the third bed partners and there is a definite domination thing going on at the expense of two women who are supposedly about to become powerful queens. Do you like a little, okay a LOT of “dysfunctionalness” in your characters? Is it okay that you really do not like any of them but are intrigued by the world they live in? The power of blood and magic to ooze out like dark, molten lava? Sex as a tool used often? The search for where a series is going to go and if “dues” will be paid and paybacks will be forthcoming? I think you may have found that read that will put you on edge as you place your bets on the final outcome.

I received a complimentary copy from Scarlett Dawn!

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