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Rescuing the Prince by Meghann McVey

Rescuing the Prince
by Meghann McVey

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: February 3, 2017
Publisher: Meghann McVey
Genre: YA Fantasy
Print Length: 262 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
During the afternoon fantasy parade, a dragon swooped down and carried off my boyfriend. I am not making this up. 

So begins Leah’s adventures that lead her to another world. At home in California, Leah’s boyfriend Gerry is her rock and motivation. Now, trapped in another world without him, she must find her own courage. During her quest, Leah impersonates a missing princess, learns magic, and meets new friends and allies, including the shy, handsome Tolliver. But in the end, does she have what it takes to defeat Gerry’s fearsome captor, the Dragon Rider? 

Rescuing the Prince by Meghann McVey

Rescuing the PrinceHidden Gem Alert! Fun Read Alert!

A contemporary California girl finds herself caught up in a real life fantasy when she witnesses her boyfriend being carried off by a dragon. Meghann McVey’s RESCUING THE PRINCE takes one girl into another world where she must impersonate a missing princess, learn magic, because, yes-it is real and find a way to free her missing boyfriend. But will Leah also discover that her boyfriend, Gerry may not be her true love after all? Why else would she find her heart fluttering for one of the Queen’s guards, Tolliver?

A great fantasy is always a fabulous way to escape for a few hours, but I found Leah to be an exceptional breath of fresh air! Why? Because she doesn’t “magically" become this missing princess who she resembles so greatly, she fumbles, she is lost, but she is also determined and driven. With only the help of the Queen and a few trusted guards, Leah will need to impersonate a less than “ordinary” princess, a princess who has a tendency to be more tomboy and who has willingly gone missing at a time when her people need her most.

Some fabulous twists, some unexpected turns and pure reading pleasure from start to finish, Meghann McVey ‘s RESCUING THE PRINCE is fast, fun, a little quirky and even has a mystery that unravels in a most unexpected fashion. Definitely a hidden gem that deserves to be a the top of fantasy readers’ lists!

I received a complimentary copy from Meghann McVey!

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