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River by India R. Adams (A Stranger in the Woods, #2)

by India R. Adams

My rating: 5 stars

Series: A Stranger in the Woods - Book 2
Publisher: India's Productions; 1 edition (February 9, 2018)
Publication Date: February 9, 2018
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 460 pages
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He wipes blood from his mouth with his bare arms. "I need you to hold still so I don't feel the need to chase and conquer. Do you understand?"

I feel his breath on my skin. "My chances if I run?"


I had wondered if I would be strong enough to love Ryder, my stranger from the woods. I learned that I was—still am. But now Ryder, Gunner and I have a young together, Rain, the Princess go the Guardian Warriors. And a very powerful being, King of the Shadow Clones, wants her dead. The only time I ever saw King was in the dream where forced a kiss on me, sending me into labor. Yes, I learned I was strong enough to love Ryder, but with a new stranger in the woods, will he be strong enough to love me?
River by India R. Adams (A Stranger in the Woods, #2)

River (A Stranger in the Woods, #2)
Rose once thought she was a mere human in a world of magic, elves and prophecies. Since the birth of her Rain, she will discover she is the strength that makes her warriors strong. As she and Ryder confirm their love for each other, Gunnar will make the ultimate sacrifice for his best friend, Rose.

As the King of the Shadow Clones plots to murder young Rain, Rose and Ryder will learn just how powerful evil can be and how far he will go to have his way. Will the foretold future be changed by the evil machinations of the dark king? Who can Rose trust when her world is twisted into an ugly parody of her dreams?

India R. Adams’ RIVER continues the rapid-paced, high tension series that comes to life with a cast of characters that not only have to deal with present time events, but the changes each action can make to a future that is imperative for the survival of good. The power of her writing is in the details and there are so many woven together into a tapestry of magical reading! Just when you think you “see’ what is going on and why, an entirely new pattern develops that is simply brilliant!

A journey through a story by India R. Adams is a journey to be remembered!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from India R. Adams!

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