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Secrets of Bennett Hall by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Secrets of Bennett Hall
by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

My rating: 4 stars

Series: Return to Amston - Book 2
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press (January 29, 2018)
Publication Date: January 29, 2018
Genre: Gothic Mystery
Print Length: 234 pages
Available from: Amazon
Darkness once twisted Adelaide Dinsmore’s mind, but she thought she had grown out of that. Her job as a teacher in Hedlund proved that – until she discovers one of her students dead and the town turns against her. As her mind starts to crumble, she is offered a new job, this time as a governess for Gentleman Bennett’s granddaughter back east. 

Bennett Hall is a sprawling manor of winding tunnels and manicured lawns, and the fence is really just for show. The little girl, Theodora, is a delight, albeit quiet, and the Bennetts are kind enough, especially the dashing young Joseph. So what if one of the servants sends chills down her spine every time he looks at her? Surely that, and the noises in the night, are figments of her imagination. She won’t allow the past in Hedlund to tarnish her future at Bennett Hall.

Then, Theodora begins to speak of a Villain who haunts secret passages in the manor, and Adelaide stumbles upon a sealed off wing where ghosts whisper from the shadows. Twisted inventions fill the basement and the villagers are wary of the Bennett family. 

The longer she stays at Bennett Hall, the less likely her chance for escape, but she cannot leave Theodora or Joseph. The darkness in her mind might be the only thing to save them.

Secrets of Bennett Hall by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek

Secrets of Bennett Hall (Return to Amston 2)Adelaide thought she had found her calling as a teacher that maybe her dark past could be left behind. One terrible event will find her unemployed once again, until she is offered a job as a governess at a massive manor filled with winding passages and deadly secrets. Things go bump in the night, and Adelaide is determined to discover what this unusual family is hiding, how she is connected to them and how to get out alive.

SECRETS OF BENNETT HALL by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek is a Gothic mystery, dark and peppered with deadly secrets that have been hidden from the world in a dank cellar. Add a pinch of steampunk and a feisty heroine clinging to her sanity by a string and readers will feel themselves propelled back in time in this twisted tale of a family who can’t let go of the past.

A quick read with dastardly villains hiding in plain sight, secret passages and one woman who is at the heart of it all. Entertaining from start to finish!

I received a complimentary copy from Jordan Elizabeth Mierek!

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