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The Assassin of Oz by Nicky Peacock (The Twisted and the Brave, #2)

The Assassin of Oz
by Nicky Peacock

My rating: 4 stars

Series: The twisted and the Brave - Book 2
Publisher: Evernight Teen (January 4, 2018)
Publication Date: January 4, 2018
Genre: YA Dark Fantasy
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
Monsters and madmen and murderers, oh my!

A club of serial killers calling themselves Oz is stalking the streets of London. Alone and desperate, 17-year-old Halo finds herself drawn into the middle of their blood-soaked storm of murders. Struggling to survive, Halo must contend with both known and unknown killers, put her trust in the most unlikely of devilish places, and play by a new set of rules if she is to become the Assassin of Oz. 

Gavin, a young US homicide detective, has moved to the UK to catch the serial killers, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, and The Munchkin Masher but soon finds himself two steps behind the headline-grabbing murderers and one step behind vigilante group, Wonderland. 

Stalked by death and danger, both Halo and Gavin are going to need all the brains, heart, and courage they can muster to take down Oz.

The Assassin of Oz by Nicky Peacock
(The Twisted and the Brave, #2)

The Assassin of Oz (The Twisted and the Brave Book 2)When her mother left her with her drug pushing step-father, Halo’s life was far from perfect, but the man did keep a roof over her head, even if he did use her for a punching bag. It wouldn’t be long before she could run free and far away, but that all changed the night he tried to kill her and the strange man in white showed up to make her an offer she was too terrified to refuse.

Welcome to a dark and deadly version of Oz, an “exclusive” underground club where murder was on the agenda and twisted killers took on names from the beloved classic tale. To fail with an assignment made these twisted creatures a target themselves and London would never be the same as these serial killers managed to stay two steps ahead of the police, even with International help.

Halo’s first assignment just didn’t seem right, but her failure to perform would find her given a second chance at life, and the term “the Devil made me do it,” would take on a very personal meaning for her. Young Halo is about to discover that all is not as it seems and with Toto at her side, she may be the best friend a police detective ever had.

THE ASSASSIN OF OZ by Nicky Peacock is definitely NOT as magical as the story L. Frank Baum created. You think the Wicked Witch was deviously evil? The “man behind the curtain” may not have quite so quirky, either. This time out he is a sick and twisted ringleader who enjoyed tales of blood, and suffering and death. Dark, with some twisted gore, this murderous world is a unique take on the dangers of the streets of London and brings two fantasy tales together in a clash of good versus evil, serial killers versus vigilante justice with one teen caught in the middle, the devil on her shoulder and the law close behind.

I received a complimentary copy from Evernight Teen!

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