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Those Which Remain by Angela V. Cook (Pieces Duology, #2)

Those Which Remain
by Angela V. Cook

My rating: 5 stars

Duology: Pieces Duology - Book 2
Publication Date: January 28, 2018
Publisher: Angela V. Cook
Genre: Fantasy Romance | Intrigue
Print Length: 236 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
In Into a Million Pieces, seventeen-year-old Allison solved her sister’s murder, barely escaping an attempt on her own life. Now, with the past behind her, Allison is finally getting a taste of teenage normalcy—going to school, hanging out with her best friend, and sharing it all with her loving boyfriend, Ren. Life is good.

But it doesn’t stay that way. It never does for a succubus.

When Allison's nature draws in a predator, shattering her sense of trust and safety, she realizes the succubus curse is behind all the darkness and heartache in her life. Determined to end it, she tracks down a distant relative with knowledge about the curse. But more questions are raised than answered when Allison meets the mysterious and wealthy Leona Doriano. Suddenly thrust into a dangerous world of money, power, and deadly secrets, Allison must find a way to break the curse—a curse not everyone wants broken—before she’s drawn in too deep.

Those Which Remain by Angela V. Cook (Pieces Duology, #2)

Those Which Remain (Pieces Duology #2)Angela V. Cook nailed book one of this duology with brilliant writing and a rapidfire plot that had me from page one. INTO A MILLION PIECES set the bar for what I would expect from Ms. Cook. Could she pull off a brilliant finish in THOSE WHICH REMAIN? The answer is YES!
After having dealt with the heartache and heartbreak of losing her sister, discovering the “curse” of being a succubus and knowing her love could kill the boy of her dreams, Allison is determined to hunt down the mysterious cure to the curse bestowed on her ancestors. Little did she know what she would discover about her past and the family she never knew.

Allison will find that all is not as it seems, that the curse of being a succubus is also a tool for infinite wealth, power and evil that is as seductive as the very power over men that she was born with. She will find herself trapped in a web of lies, a twisted love affair with power, youth and control. Who can she trust? Is she merely a pawn to be toyed with until she has no choice but to give in to evil to save the ones she loves?

Once again, I have found a tale that has the perfect blend of chemistry from start to finish as Allison’s heart is once again tested and once again, she proves that maturity is not told by a number, but by the soul of the character and her actions! Ms. Cook had a story to tell, a world to show us and conflicts for her characters to resolve and she did it all in two volumes filled with non-stop tension, action and no angst! Readers will walk away with that feeling of closure from a brief series as rich as those touting many more volumes!

Dark, calculating characters, creepy uncles that make you want to unread their thoughts and a strong heroine determined to do the right thing, both for herself and those she loves.
Brilliant reading from a brilliant author who allowed her characters to tell their story, THOSE WHICH REMAIN is every bit a shining gem, proof that Angela V. Cook knows her craft!

I received a complimentary edition from Angela V. Cook!

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