Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Undying by Tiffany Roberts (Valos of Sonhadra, #7)

by Tiffany Roberts

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Valos of Sonhadra - Book 7
Publication Date: February 11, 2018
Publisher: Tiffany Roberts
Genre: Science Fiction | Romance
Print Length: 164 pages
Available from: Amazon

Orishok is the last of his kind — a valo shaped by the Creators to embody death. He’s stood vigil over his people for centuries, watching them fade away, one by one succumbing to the entropic energies they hold inside. With his slightest touch unwillingly bringing death to all living things, he has remained isolated in his people’s city, his heart as empty as the buildings around him…until a pale, slight female arrives and shakes the foundations of his world. 


Quinn Dalton lost everything when she was convicted of murder — her sister, her niece, her budding career — but it isn’t until she’s transferred to an interstellar penitentiary that she realizes her very life is no longer her own. Her existence aboard the Concord is a nightmare, broken only when the station is torn through a wormhole and crash lands on an alien world. After waking up alone and bloodied, but somehow unharmed, she seeks shelter in an abandoned city — where she discovers an ancient, wondrous mystery. Can she survive alongside a being whose touch means death? 

Undying by Tiffany Roberts (Valos of Sonhadra, #7)

Undying (Valos of Sonhadra, #7)She fell from the sky and into his lonely existence. Convicted of murders she did not commit, Quinn Dalton’s life on an interstellar penitentiary was a living Hell as she was used as a lab rat for heinous experiments. Freedom came when the ship was destroyed and she miraculously finds herself alive after literally falling onto a seemingly deserted alien planet. What she discovers are the ruins of an ancient city filled with stone statues throughout and one giant warrior tasked with guarding the remains of his dead people.

Orishok has existed alone, his heart dead until the small and fragile female awakens his emotions long gone cold by breaking the statute of the beast who cursed him to his existence.

Together, Orishok and Quinn break the barriers of communication, but can Quinn survive a being who brings death to all he touches? Has she found more than she could have dreamed of on this strange new world? Will Orishok find his heart awakened to the life he once knew? Together they could make this world their personal paradise, or will it be just another prison for Quinn?

Tiffany Roberts’ UNDYING is part fantasy, part science fiction and part romantic awakenings for two beings brought together by chance. Feel this world come alive, walk through streets of statutes and learn both the wonder and sadness each holds as their story is told by Orishok.

There are no moments of over the top rapid-fire action, no battle scenes, just two beings reaching out to each other, learning to communicate and trust while sharing companionship to stave off the loneliness of their lives. Sometimes it takes Fate to bring out the beauty in the beast and give a chance for a new life for a woman with no hope.

Once again, Tiffany Roberts brings two perspectives to their writing that blends into one well-told and well-balanced tale with strong, well defined characters, a simple plot that flows along page after page until we forget we are not there, living alongside Orishok and Quinn!

I received a complimentary edition from Tiffany Roberts! This book stands alone, but is a stellar addition to this multi-author series!

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