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Daughters of the Storm (Blood and Gold #1) by Kim Wilkins

Daughters of the Storm
by Kim Wilkins

My rating: 3 stars

Trilogy: Blood and Gold - Book 1
Publisher: Del Rey (March 6, 2018)
Publication Date: March 6, 2018
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Print Length: 434 pages
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Five very different sisters team up against their stepbrother to save their kingdom in this Norse-flavored fantasy epic--the start of a new series in the tradition of Naomi Novik, Peter V. Brett, and Robin Hobb.


They are the daughters of a king. Though they share the same royal blood, they could not be more different. Bluebell is a proud warrior, stronger than any man and with an ironclad heart to match. Rose's heart is all too passionate: She is the queen of a neighboring kingdom, who is risking everything for a forbidden love. The twins: vain Ivy, who lives for admiration, and zealous Willow, who lives for the gods. And Ash, who is discovering a dangerous talent for magic that might be a gift--or a curse.

But when their father is stricken by a mysterious ailment, they must come together on a desperate journey to save him and prevent their treacherous stepbrother from seizing the throne. Their mission: find the powerful witch who can cure the king. But to succeed on their quest, they must overcome their differences, and hope that the secrets they hide from one another and the world are never brought to light. Because if this royal family breaks, it could destroy the kingdom.
Daughters of the Storm (Blood and Gold #1) by Kim Wilkins

Daughters of the Storm (Blood and Gold, #1)The king is on the brink of death and his five daughters are on a mission to save him by finding a mysterious and powerful witch, the only person who can reverse the magic that is stealing his life. They must first learn to trust in one another, forget old rivalries and embrace the magic that is family. Only then will they be ready to find the witch and understand that familial discord and history has been repeating itself.

They share the same blood, but they are as different as five strangers can be, can the warrior, the queen who risks all for forbidden love, the vain princess, the religious zealot or the budding magic user save their kingdom and the crown? Treachery abounds as their stepbrother eyes the precious crown he does not deserve.

Kim Wilkins’ DAUGHTERS OF THE STORM is a tale of desperation, mistrust, and acceptance of others in the name of family and the good of the kingdom. Five powerful women, each with their own secrets, weaknesses and insecurities will be exposed at their best and their worst. How will they deal with each other? Will they learn to respect each other in spite of their flaws?

Epic fantasies are meant to journeys of discovery and this one is no exception. Told through different POVs we witness the turmoil beneath the surface of the tenuous relationships between these sisters who must learn to stand together against both the known and unknown evil that threatens them.

Filled with detail, this is definitely not a quick read as the threads entangle us into the unfolding drama. The author does not ask us to like the characters, but to accept what makes them “tick” and wonder if they are up to the challenges that lay before them. I am an epic fantasy fan, I enjoy all of the threads that entwine each layer, but there were times I felt bogged down, but as the first book of a trilogy, the stage has been set, the characters and their dynamic relationships revealed and their journey has truly just begun. I'm thinking the action is yet to come!

I received a complimentary copy from Del Rey!

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