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Gull Harbor by Kathryn Knight

Gull Harbor
by Kathryn Knight

My rating: 4.5 Stars!

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press (February 22, 2013)
Publication Date: February 22, 2013 | Release Date: February 14, 2018
Genre: Supernatural Suspense
Print Length: 270 pages Audio Version Narrated by Kristin James!
Listening Length: 7 hours and 46 minutes
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
When Claire Linden's job sends her to the sleepy town of Gull Harbor, she never expects to encounter her ex-boyfriend. As a medium, the prospect of tackling a haunted house is less daunting than seeing Max Baron again. Throughout their passionate college relationship, he promised to love her forever. Then, without explanation, he abandoned her on graduation day.

Max never intended to break Claire's heart--a cruel ultimatum forced him to disappear from her life. While he's shocked to find her in Gull Harbor, he isn't surprised by the bitter resentment she feels for him...or the fiery attraction that remains between them.

Claire is determined to rid her temporary home of its aggressive ghost, but Max soon realizes she's facing a danger beyond the paranormal. When Claire risks everything to help a desperate spirit, Max must race to save her--before another tragedy tears them apart forever.
Gull Harbor by Kathryn Knight

Gull HarborFor Claire, winning a ghost’s trust and helping it move on is part of her gift, having to face the man who shattered her heart is her curse. Now she must unravel the mystery behind the haunting and the knots of betrayal that haunt her very soul.

Max never expected to see the only woman he ever loved again, but now he must face the resentment of a sadder version of Claire all while his heart continues to rage for all he was forced to give up. When her life is endangered, he will do all he can to keep her safe from a murderer who has returned to the scene of the crime.

The secrets buried in GULL HARBOR by Kathryn Knight provide heart-pounding tension as a restless soul from beyond seeks justice for her death and two people struggle with both the feelings that still live and the lies that were told. Max vows to keep Claire safe from two monsters, no matter the cost.

THE AUDIO VERSION: Not only can Kathryn Knight create a brilliant edge-of-your-seat tale of paranormal and romantic suspense, she has chosen the voice and vibrancy of Kristin James to bring each character to life. Ms. James nails the tone of this tale, the emotional baggage of the characters and each and the actions of each and every scene! Listeners will be immersed completely in this ghostly tale as each scene becomes a living entity in itself.

THE EBOOK VERSION: Once again, Ms. Knight proves her talent as a gifted author, as her words alone bring the voices of the characters and atmosphere of razor-taut suspense to life! Follow the clues she parses out as the race to uncover hidden truths while staying alive play out.

Did I have a favorite version? Yes, yes I did, am I going to tell you which one it was? Nope, because it was a neck and neck finish, thanks to an amazing author and a brilliant narrator.

I was fortunate to receive a complimentary AUDIO copy from Kathryn Knight! After listening to this excellent version, I bought the Kindle compare my enjoyment level.

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