Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hearts of Magic by A.J. Gallant (Dracula, #5)

Hearts of Magic
by A.J. Gallant

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Dracula - Book 5
Publication Date: March 8, 2018
Publisher: A.J. Gallant
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy | Humor
Print Length: 267 pages
Available from: Amazon
Magic, vampires, romance, and adventure. And of course Dracula. 
Dracula, his daughter Jenny and Piers Anthony are back for another suspenseful adventure. Fantastic fantasy. Sprinkled with humor. There’s nasty magic in New York but who’s responsible? Jenny is sixteen and dating or at least trying to date. 
How do you raise a four-year-old wizard?
Hearts of Magic by A.J. Gallant (Dracula, #5)

Hearts of Magic (Dracula, #5)Trust me when I say, you have never seen vampires, wizards or any supernatural being in the same light as author A.J. Gallant presents them! HEARTS OF MAGIC is laugh out loud funny with its irreverent look into the life of the King of all Vampires, Dracula, and trust me, the guy may be the most powerful being ever, but he still has family issues, friend issues and an issue or two with an unknown evil.

Between holding his buddy, author Piers Anthony at bay on writing his biography, dealing with his teenage daughter, Jenny and his precocious and rather willful little darling, Drake, he did not need an ancient Egyptian witch wreaking havoc, too.

Wolves are running amok in Gotham City, Jenny has found an interesting, yet strange boy who she may or may not be interested in, but there is something just not right about him. When she finds out just what that something is, who can she go to, but good old Dad?

The scariest part of this otherwise cleverly humorous read is Drake. Gah! As a very powerful wizard, and not much more than a toddler, he is out of control! Discipline seems to be out of the question, unless you are big into being turned into a toad or something.

All in all, one fun read, filled with snark and some crazy fun characters that make Dracula far less scary and far more human! I have never failed to smile after reading one of A.J. Gallant’s Dracula series books!

I received a complimentary copy from A.J. Gallant!

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