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Land by Theresa Shaver (Stranded, #1)

by Theresa Shaver

My rating: 2 stars

Series: Stranded - Book 1
Publication Date: April 13, 2012
Publisher: Theresa Shaver
Genre: YA Post-Apocalyptic
Print Length: 205 pages
Available from: Amazon
Five go by Land - Five go by Sea

A group of teens on a class trip to Disneyland are left stranded. An EMP over North America has destroyed everything electronic. No cars, no planes, no phones, no electricity. Refusing to wait for someone else to help them, ten courageous young people take charge of their future and choose to begin the long journey home. 1500 miles of adventure and lawless country await. Will their determination be enough?

Alex, Quinn, Josh, Cooper and Dara - setting out on foot with nothing more than some soon to be worthless cash and a little advice from a trusted teacher, they walk through a burning city that has come to a halt. The devastation they see as they make their way out of the city is a small part of the horror that the nation will become. As the days go by with no food deliveries and no water flowing from taps, civilization will start to crumble and it will be survival of the fittest. With five States and half a Province to cross they will need to plan well, count on each other and pray for a little luck. Even with that, chances are slim of getting home when you are Stranded.
Land by Theresa Shaver (Stranded, #1)

Land (Stranded #1)A group of Canadian students never dreamed their trip to Disney would become a nightmare in a fight for survival. An EMP has taken out anything electronic across North America and five students will set out to reach home, 1500 miles away with barely a prayer of making it.

LAND by Theresa Shaver has it all, young adults facing the unknown with the pluck found only in youth. They will face the both the worst and best of humanity, be called upon to do the unthinkable and learn to survive by trusting in each other and the belief that they have what it takes to make it home.

I absolutely loved the plot, saw vast potential for the characters and was prepared to feel every step of their journey alongside each of them. I wanted to live their story, but I just couldn’t. The characters didn’t jump off the pages, I couldn’t pick their brains. I couldn’t believe in the events they faced and conquered and I desperately wanted to.

Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Shaver is an excellent storyteller, she allowed me to feel I was sitting in a movie theater, but when I read, I do not want a flat screen. I do not want to be told a story, I want to feel it. Maybe it’s just me, but that spark of “life” was missing and my own imagination was not jump started. There is a huge, HUGE potential for this story that just missed for me.

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