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Cori must find out who she really is.

A Bloodline's Echo
by M.R. Pilot

My rating: 4 Bright Stars

Series: The Avadi Series - Book 1
Publication Date: December 29, 2017
Publisher: M.R. Pilot
Genre: Fantasy | Coming of Age | YA
Print Length: 406 pages
Available from: Amazon
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Cori discovers she has a strange ability. An unpredictable stranger lets her know she's not the only one.

When her will is tested in the face of the unexpected: romance, friendships, betrayal, and a mysterious connection to an equally mysterious ancestor, how will she prevail? 

Join Cori on her journey of finding out who she really is.

Eighteen-year-old Cori has been tucked into a corner of Verbena her entire life. With no memory of a father and an abusive mother, her escape came in the form of living and working in her town’s inn, a place that happens to be owned by her best friend. Cori was all but resigned to the uneventful and dutiful life as a barkeep. That is, until a hooded stranger showed up - just in time to witness an incident Cori herself cannot believe - and changed everything. Now Cori must leave Sagebrush, the only place she has ever known, setting off to discover love, adventure, heartbreak, and more about herself and the world she lives in than she could have ever imagined.
A Bloodline's Echo M.R. Pilot (The Avadi Series Book 1)

A Bloodline's Echo (The Avadi Series Book 1)She was eighteen, alone and something was happening, something unexplainable until a handsome stranger came into her life and let her know, he understood and she was not alone. Afraid of her uncontrollable strange ability, Cori must trust in Rylo as she makes the decision to leave those she cares about behind to find out who and what she really is. It wasn’t leaving an abusive mother behind or the father she never knew, it was leaving her best friend and the only life she ever knew that made her choice so difficult, but Rylo held promises of trust, adventure and the answers she so desperately needs.

Is Cori part of the Avadi, a group of people with special powers that have been awakened? Is that a good thing? She is like a lamb lost in the wild among wolves, can she trust Rylo to always have her best interests at heart or is he hiding his own dark secrets? Somewhere out in the world is a man who knows the answers Cori seeks but if she finds him, will she be able to accept the answers she hears?

A BLOODLINE’S ECHO by M.R. Pilot is a rich fantasy tale about one girl’s journey of discovery, but Cori will find that the truth may just as painful as the unknown. Will Cori be betrayed by the one person who seemed to care for her? Will her future be bleaker than her past or will it be a stepping stone into a world where she has always belonged?

Follow Cori as she feels hope, heartache, frustration and the growing powers within her as she tries to understand what is happening and why life unfolds the way it does. Readers will find Rylo to be elusive about who he is, and may even question Cori’s willingness to trust in him, but this charismatic character adds a great dimension to this fantasy and we can’t help but want to know more about him. Will we find Rylo to be friend or foe?

Fabulous fantasy storytelling that takes us into another world, makes us believe in special abilities and proves that sometimes the truth does not set you free, it can become a nightmare one may not be able to escape from. How does one girl tell good from bad when she learns her bloodline’s echo from the past?

I received a complimentary copy from M.R. Pilot.

Hi! I am M. R. Pilot. Or you can call me emm arr, as I am forced to go by on gmail. I’m new to this website/blog thing.

Have you ever been the new kid at school? Even in college, I’ve had professors do the “let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves!” bit. I could never come up with anything compelling. Really, I just wanted to sit down and hide my face as fast as possible.

But this format is different; the possibilities are endless, much like writing a story.

I won’t get too crazy. Here’s a numbered list that will hopefully capture all pertinent information about me:

1.) I love animals. It sounds generic, I know, but I really love them. I am the person at a party that goes straight to whatever creature resides there upon entrance. Also, the person who brings the vegan cupcakes. But more likely, I am the person who skipped the party altogether to hang out with my own furry creatures and write.

2.) I love reading. Fantasy primarily, but a good romance every now and then floats my boat, too. Now, a romance IN a fantasy story…that is my cup of tea!

3.) Now that I’ve mentioned boats and tea, it seems relevant to mention that I have a phobia of deep water, the extent of which reaching a point of manic exhilaration upon watching an oceanic film (Finding Nemo doesn’t count), and that I actually do enjoy tea. Coffee, though. Coffee is my cup of… well, coffee.

4.) My caffeine addiction dates back to when I moved to Alaska, when my body and mind disagreed about when it was time to sleep. I still live in Alaska. With my husband.

5.) If my husband reads this, he might get upset he didn’t come into play until the end of #4/beginning of #5. He most definitely would mention that our dogs, Nami & Pakkun, were mentioned first thing – a fact which may or may not tip a long forgotten argument in his favor. Despite his fashionably late entrance, I do adore my husband, as he reminds me of a puppy. So cute!

6.) You might’ve noticed that my dogs have somewhat unique names. If you’re an anime fan, you might’ve noticed that I am one, too.

7.) That’s it, folks! A seventh section isn’t necessary, but six feels like an odd number to end on …even though it’s mathematically an even number.

P.S. Fret not. My characters are much cooler than I am. 

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