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One Taste of Sin by Amanda Siegrist (One Taste, #4)

One Taste of Sin
by Amanda Siegrist

My rating: 5 stars

Series: One Taste - Book 4 Standalone
Publisher: Amanda Siegrist
Publication Date: April 6, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 230 pages
Available from: Amazon
It all started with a dance. Then it turned into a sexy, dirty night of fun.

Everything, from the moment he met her, scared the shit out of him. He left after one night. Now, thrust back in her life, Stitch can’t help but pull her into his arms knowing it can never last. He’s a good guy, most days. He has a record. She works for the police department. Definitely doesn’t mix well with his tough and tattooed image.

Life is complicated, especially at work. Stitch walking back into her life adds another level of difficulty she didn’t expect, but Susan wants Stitch as badly as he wants her. She knows she’s setting herself up for heartbreak. Focusing on work helps to keep her mind off the one man who can turn her upside down with one heated look. The latest string of murders needs her complete attention. She has no evidence, no leads, and no idea how close the killer is to making her his next victim.

♡ Warning: This novel contains a sexy tattoo artist. Get ready for lots of heat and a dose of angst, because Stitch is about to make your heart swoon. Happy reading! ♡

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One Taste of Sin by Amanda Siegrist (One Taste, #4)

One Taste of SinShe wants him, he wants her, but the dance they shared between the sheets that night terrified both of them! Stitch ran after that night, not because he didn’t want Susan, but because he did and he just knew he would be bad news or a disappointment or both for the police forensics officer. He has a record, he’s done time, what would she think if she knew?

Susan was a goner from the moment Stitch came into her life, tattooed body, badass attitude and all. Then he ran, but now he is back, keeping his distance, being a bit of a jerk, until he dropped the act and the real Stitch showed his caring side, NOT to be confused with his protective side, which resembles a caveman with ink, but even that is kind of sexy and hot in a Neanderthal way. Still, he won’t commit, he holds back his heart even as he gives her his body for her pleasure.

Will it take murder to bring them together? When a serial killer is on the loose, its Susan’s job to process the evidence, but what she is coming up with is hitting far too close to home and it hurts. Follow the evidence, they say, but what if the evidence is leading her on a wild goose chase and puts her in danger? She may find that Stitch’s Neanderthal ways could save her life, but what about her heart?

Sometimes the perfect person for you needs a swift kick to act on what is right in front of them and once again, Amanda Siegrist proves that a little grit, a little lust and a whole lot of trouble can bring a happy ever after to even a tough anti-hero! ONE TASTE OF SIN is wickedly good, romantically charged and, as always, there is no cliffhanger! With characters you just want to hug or smack upside the head, Ms. Siegrist brings home another suspenseful romance where just “One Taste” is never enough when it comes to love!

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Amanda Siegrist!

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