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The Emergent Threat by J.F. Cain (War Eternal, #2)

The Emergent Threat
by J.F. Cain

My rating: 3 stars

Series: War Eternal - Book 2
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Alex risked his soul to reunite with Aranes, the angel he’s in love with, forcing her to make the ultimate sacrifice to save him. Having lost her supernatural powers, Guardians and Exorcists fight tooth and nail to protect her, but they cannot keep the dark forces that are after her away for long.

Aranes’ relationship with Alex also puts him in the crosshairs of Lucifer, who wants the angel for himself and plans to destroy his rival, even if he doesn’t believe that the man is the incarnation of the high-ranking Celestial, Abaddon. 

Alex must push himself beyond his limits and use all his wits to thwart Lucifer’s plans. He may be just an ordinary man, but he won't give up his partner without a fight. He’s willing to pay any price, any price except for losing her.
The Emergent Threat by J.F. Cain (War Eternal, #2)

The Emergent Threat (War Eternal #2)Although he doesn’t remember, they have been mates for time eternal. To Alex, Aranes is worth risking his soul for. What Alex does not remember is his previous life as a powerful angel, as Aranes’ lover and yet, even as a mere mortal their hearts call to each other and it is not allowed. In the crosshairs of Lucifer, Alex is in grave danger and Aranes and her angelic minions will do whatever it takes to keep him safe, but it may be up to him to stay one step ahead of a jealous and vile monster. Is Alex truly the incarnation of the Celestial, Abaddon? Why can’t he remember? Was the angel Gabriel really once his best friend?

THE EMERGENT THREAT by J.F. Cain is the tale of love and romance caught up in the eternal battle of good versus evil. This time out, J.F. Cain focused more on the “love” aspect, almost with too much vigor and detail for those of us who want to witness the push and pull of battles that have raged for all time.

Sometimes overly wordy and repetitious, I found it difficult to remain in the moment, although I must give kudos for the development of secondary characters who seemed to make this tale come to life and grow as the relationship between the main characters seemed to be capsulized in their infatuation.

I did enjoy many parts of this read which seems built to savor, not flash through.

I received a complimentary copy from J.F. Cain!

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