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The Holtur Enigma by Cameron Wayne Smith

The Holtur Enigma
by Cameron Wayne Smith

My rating: 4 stars

Publication Date: April 24, 2017
Publisher: Cameron Wayne Smith
Genre: Fantasy
Print Length: 182 pages
Available from: Amazon
The monsters you fear are nothing compared to the ones you do not.

With the threat of a monstrous army arising, Vivian has set off towards the town of Holtur. His job is to conscript the toughest men he can find, in a location known for producing some of the best monster slayers around. However, Holtur has its own issues, and helping this stranger is far from a priority.

Will Vivian convince the people of Holtur to help his cause? Or will he fall victim to the beasts, wyverns, or horrors that surround the town? It doesn’t take long for him to discover that he was nowhere near prepared for this godforsaken land
The Holtur Enigma by Cameron Wayne Smith

The Holtur EnigmaFantasy, the one place we can let go of reality and “make believe” that anything is possible! THE HOLTUR ENIGMA by Cameron Wayne Smith is sometimes over-the-top action and adventure, the characters are flawed and sometimes they will surprise you and there are bouts of humorous moments throughout. There is also a realization that sometimes, your greatest fear is lack of knowledge and failure to stand up for yourself.

When Vivian is sent to find battle-ready soldiers to come to his town’s aid, his journey will lead him to Holtur, a place where people learned to stand for themselves, with their own battles to keep their land safe. Perhaps Vivian’s own land could learn a thing or two, he certainly does.

Beasts and monsters, battles of epic proportions, warriors, a land that knows the meaning of fighting to exist, and one man sent to into their midst, wholly unprepared for learning what true grit is. Cameron Wayne Smith has made the dialogue easy to follow and understand, his characters completely human in their interactions. I had fun with this read! I even laughed out loud when Vivian first came to the gates of Holtur.

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