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Wind Reapers by Raquel Byrnes (Blackburn Chronicles #2)

Wind Reapers
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Written by: Raquel Byrnes
Series: Blackburn Chronicles
Sequence in Series: Book 2
Paperback: 388 pages
Publisher: Pelican Book Group
Publication Date: February 9, 2018
Genre: Steampunk | SCIFI | Christian | Clean

Charlotte Blackburn—hero, hunted, the unwitting symbol of a dark rebellion—she thwarted the deadly intent of the treacherous Order of the Sword and Scroll, but at a shattering cost. Now, she fights to survive among a tribe of fierce Wind Reapers who troll the wasteland aboard massive metal walkers. But a new storm is brewing and Charlotte is once again the linchpin in a deadly plan.

Sebastian Riley has one goal: Help the citizens of his floating Outer City to survive the Ashen Croup, a terrible affliction that drowns victims in their own lungs. But help comes in the form of the infamous Lady Blackburn, a woman wanted for treason who is determined to run headlong into destruction to prevent a coming war—even if it means reaching out to those who want her dead.

Pursued by the shadowy Order and hunted by the furious Reaper clan, Riley and Charlotte brave the monstrous hordes of decaying Tremblers and the terrors of the Wasteland to stop the bloodshed and secure a mysterious calculating engine—a device that can bring about the destruction of an entire nation. With brutal forces gathering against the unsuspecting citizens inside the Tesla domes, a vicious scientist intent on capturing Charlotte for his experiments and the whole of the country in deadly peril, one of them must make a sacrifice too terrible to comprehend.
Wind Reapers (Blackburn Chronicles #2)Wind Reapers by Raquel Byrnes

Wind Reapers follows the adventures of Charlotte Blackburn. I jumped into this series on book 2 so I know I missed what facilitated Charlotte being in the midst of the Wind Reapers. That being said, I was still able to quickly find myself caught up in Byrnes' amazing style of storytelling.

Charlotte is being hunted because she has managed to survive the sickness known for creating its victims into Tremblers, a zombie like creature that thirsts for heat/warmth. If she is captured, she is sure to face torture and/or death. Doing everything she can to survive, Charlotte finds herself in possession of a device that can destroy the Tesla domes and it falls on her to keep it out of the wrong hands and if that wasn’t enough, she uncovers a plot to try and take over the country.

Steampunk at its finest! Wind Reaper is a SOLID 4.5 Stars! Clean, action intense and emotionally connecting the reader, my only regret...I didn't start with book 1.

I received this copy of Wind Reaper from Pelican Book Group. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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