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A Little Gumbo in Her Face by Arleen Cerbone Faustina

A Little Gumbo in Her Face
by Arleen Cerbone Faustina

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Xulon Press (March 2, 2018)
Publication Date: March 2, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Women's Fiction
Print Length: 246 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
After the deaths of her parents and a nasty break up with her fiance, Manon Benoit, a psychiatrist specializing in PTSD, makes the move from New York to New Orleans, carrying with her not only her grief but also the mystery of her famous mother's hidden past. One evening while dancing Argentine tango, she encounters a handsome Creole FBI Agent, Andy St. Julien, a New Orleans native recently returned to the Big Easy to investigate an oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Andy's suspicions about Manon's real ties to New Orleans (Is she merely French or something else?), an Australian psychic's predictions, the interference of old lovers, unexpected twists in the FBI's case, and the heady atmosphere of New Orleans herself all conspire to make the lovers' journey a rocky one and threaten to expose the past that Manon's mother sought to keep hidden. Within the intrigue of sexual tension and possible domestic terrorism, A Little Gumbo in Her Face explores how the power of family and place deeply affects ordinary lives, while introducing readers to the Louisiana Creoles and their unique place in American society and culture
A Little Gumbo in Her Face by Arleen Cerbone Faustina

A Little Gumbo in Her FaceFrom the mystique and the raw beauty of the cultures that create New Orleans comes a romance that almost wasn’t.

She is educated, intelligent, physically gifted with beauty and grace, but Dr. Manon Dumas Benoit, psychiatrist, carries a damaged soul and walls of emotional protection that would defy any of her colleagues to break down.

He is a natural born “hero,” a fixer, a take charge, modern day knight in tarnished armor who couldn’t save his princess long ago. FBI Agent, Andy St. Julien, a handsome and charming Creole returns to New Orleans to investigate a suspicious oil rig explosion, but Fate and the magic that is the Big Easy had other plans for him.

They met at a dance club, and together they made beautiful music, and a fond memory, but that was all, as far as Manon was concerned. What would happen next would make the intricate Tango they danced seem to be a forbearer of the twists, turns and dips their lives would take as a break-in at Manon’s office becomes a critical part of Andy’s investigation. When his curiosity is peaked by the possibility of her heritage, Andy will uncover more than just secrets in Manon’s past, he will uncover yet another tale of the diversity and ethereal magic of New Orleans.

A LITTLE GUMBO IN HER FACE by Arleen Cerbone Faustina is a slowly simmering romantic tale that builds to a rolling boil as mystery, danger and dark threats bring the doctor and the agent together as their attraction wars with their soul-deep barriers.

Beautiful descriptions bring the Big Easy to life without spoiling its charisma and charm. Feel the atmosphere, smell the foods and witness a sense of otherness that could only be real in New Orleans. Ms. Faustina has created a world to savor and a romance to watch unfold between mature characters who have tasted life’s trials and earned their scars. Definitely a read to relax into and be carried away on its pages.

I received a complimentary copy from Arleen Cerbone Faustina!

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