Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Along the Field by Daniel Rouse

Along The Field
by Daniel Rouse

My rating: 5 stars

Expected Publication Date: April, 2018
Publisher: Daniel Rouse
Genre: YA Thriller
Number of Pages: 108
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A killer is on the loose in the Truro area.
Hannah Prat and her family live next to the field where two young boys were tragically murdered; the same location where a woman was murdered twenty years prior.

Hannah wants to know who it is and what their motive is. Is she next on the killer’s murder list? Or is she safer than she thinks she is?

A story of mystery, friendship, and family bonding. Along The Field is a murder mystery that will leave you wondering who you can really trust. 

Along the Field by Daniel Rouse

Along The FieldMysterious murders have shaken the small community of Truro. They aren’t the first, but for Hannah Prat, student and loner, they have hit far too close to home. She lives next to the field where the murders have taken place and suddenly she feels she is being watched, could she be next? Could the next victim be someone she knows? Could the killer be hiding in plain sight? Will she ever feel safe again? Hannah may have overheard something that will bring her worst nightmares to life, should she pursue hidden truths? They say curiosity killed the cat…

ALONG THE FIELD by Daniel Rouse is a dark tale of suspense, and the determination of one teen to bring justice to the town and the friend she lost. It’s a tale of betrayal, fear and emotional turmoil that is rough and raw as one girl uncovers the horrors of the past and identity of the monster among them.

Told through the eyes and voice of a teen trapped in the isolation of discovering the truth, we can feel her angst, her confusion and the depth of the betrayals she will endure. We also feel her strength of character as she risks her own life for justice.

Daniel Rouse has an edge up on creating a world seen through the eyes of a teen. His talent is youthful with a rough, edginess that shows through on each page. Not a long tale, but certainly one that perfectly illustrates the turmoil of being caught between the maturity of adulthood and insecurities of growing up, not knowing how to proceed, but full of that bold determination of youth. He follows through with an ending that is like a sucker punch one doesn’t see coming, one that finesses the art of suspense and leaves readers looking over their shoulders…

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Daniel Rouse!

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