Monday, April 2, 2018

As You Wish by Jude Deveraux

As You Wish

My Rating: 4.5 stars
Written by: Jude Deveraux
Series: A Summerhouse Novel
Sequence in Series: Book 3
Hardcover: 416 pages
Publisher: MIRA
Publication: March 6, 2018
ISBN-10: 0778307611
ISBN-13: 978-0778307617
Genre: Romantic Comedy with a SCIFI twist
One fateful summer, three very different women find themselves together in Summer Hill, Virginia, where they find they have much more in common than they realized…

Sixty-year-old Olivia’s first marriage was long and unhappy, but now she is a newlywed, thrilled to finally be starting her life with the man she’s always truly loved—even if they are getting a late start. Kathy is in her forties and married to a handsome, successful businessman. Theirs would be a fairy-tale romance if it weren’t for one problem: he’s passionately in love with someone else! Twentysomething Elise is also in a troubled marriage, stuck with the man her wealthy parents chose for her. Now that he has a pregnant mistress, he seems willing to go to drastic lengths to take Elise out of the picture.

Though each of them wound up at the Summerhouse for separate reasons, it’s not long before they begin to open up about their regrets, their wishes and their dreams. And when they’re presented with the opportunity of a lifetime—a chance to right the wrongs of their past—all three discover what can happen when dreams really do come true.

A heartfelt, magical tale, As You Wish is a shining example of Jude Deveraux’s enchanting storytelling that will charm longtime fans and delight a new generation of readers.
As You WishAs You Wish by Jude Deveraux

Three woman, all facing life altering decisions, are sent to a private retreat where they share in each other’s life stories, until an unfathomable opportunity arises…they can go back in time and change decisions they made to achieve the life they’ve always wanted. What would you do if you could have the life AS YOU WISH.

This is a slow building story that in the end had me completely hooked. If you don't like cheating the beginning of this book is going to be as hard for you as it was for me. But, I have to say I was utterly riveted to the three women's stories about 1/2 through. NOT AT ALL WHAT I EXPECTED BY THE SYNOPSIS!

I received this copy of As You Wish from HARLEQUIN - Romance (U.S. & Canada) - MIRA. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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