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Big Man Blue by Nicole R. Locker

Big Man Blue
by Nicole R. Locker

My rating: 5 stars

Publisher: Nicole R. Locker (April 26, 2018)
Publication Date: April 26, 2018
Genre: Second Chance Romance | Contemporary Western Romance
Print Length: 202 pages
Available from: Amazon
She walked away from him ten years ago. Not even a rocking body and a sweet smile can change his mind now.

Blue Brigham was the man of the farm from an early age, so it was easy to get swept up in his older-than-his-years charm all those years ago. But when it came down to it, legal wasn't enough to keep a town like theirs from talking, and Harper Haley just wouldn't risk going public with their brief affair. She'd packed up and left town to marry another man her own age, thinking she'd left the past behind. 

Blue thought he knew what he signed up for when he moved his sister back in at the farm after her husband left her for another woman, but when Harper shows up shortly after, he knows he's in for trouble, still holding onto the grudge from all those years before when she left him like he meant nothing, to be with another man. Trouble is, she looks better than ever, and she's not going easy on him. Not even a little bit.

She walked away from him ten years ago. What will it take to melt through his defenses for a chance at redemption?

Big Man Blue by Nicole R. Locker

Big Man BlueThe first time he dared to kiss her, he was a brash teen, full of himself, yet also certain of who and what he wanted. Harper was his “older woman,” beautiful and all his, or so he thought until the day she left him and married another, more suitable choice. Their secret romance was clearly just a lie, a pain Blue could never get over.

Ten years later and Harper is back, his sister’s best friend, there to give her support after a heartbreaking divorce. And. Blue. Is. Fuming. Is it because he still loves her or the nerve she has to waltz back into his life, into his home, acting like nothing was ever between them?

Saddle up, ladies, Nicole R. Locker’s BIG MAN BLUE is living proof that a day or a decade can make a huge difference in how people see life, but not how their hearts react to love. Some guilt, some anger and some smoldering passion plays havoc on two souls as they must face the mistakes of the past to have any hope of finding a future together!

Is there a villain? Who is the one hurt the most? Does it matter when two people are branded for love by Cupid? Ms. Locker has created an angst and anger-filled romance that stops just short of making me want to tell Blue to finish growing up a little and Harper to TELL THE TRUTH!

I admit, I do love me some conflict almost as much as I love those second chance romances home, home on the range!

I received a complimentary copy from Nicole R. Locker!

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