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Cajun Dusk by James Agee Jr. (The Blood Curse, #2)

Cajun Dusk
by James Agee Jr.

My rating: 5 stars

Series: The Blood Curse Chronicles - Book 2
Publisher: Magic Quill Press (December 2, 2017)
Publication Date: December 2, 2017
Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Print Length: 184 pages
Available from: Amazon
A war can divide a city.
Standing united can change the world.

New Orleans is torn as vampires battle those with magical abilities. Those who know of the war have chosen sides, creating a predicament for Christoph and Talia as they continue their quest to break the curse plaguing the vampires.

In a place where one wrong step could mean the difference of life or death, making true progress may end up being an act of war.

Will Christoph and his companions be able to uncover the information that will lead them closer to breaking the blood curse?
Cajun Dusk by James Agee Jr.

Cajun Dusk (The Blood Curse Chronicles #2)In a word, FANTASTIC! Fear of the unknown, of those different, the quest for power and two young vampires will be caught up in the middle. Magic users and vampires are squaring off for war as Christoph and Talia head to New Orleans in their quest to break the curse that plagues vampires. With territorial lines drawn, neither group can trespass without dire consequences, but is there more to the impending showdown than meets the eye? Is someone fueling the flames of hatred when something as simple as the Golden Rule could end the turmoil?

As Christoph, Libby and Talia discover unexpected kindness in the home of a white magic user, Athena, they unwittingly make her a target for retribution from an old friend, a practitioner of dark magic. The battle has begun with the torture of captured vampires as mob mentality rules the magic world. Little d they realize they are puppets dangling from the strings of evil.

James Agee Jr.’s CAJUN DUSK brings back some long ignored vampire legends, as bats soar through dark skies and coffins are the resting place of choice against the rays of the sun. Lessons in life are learned as one city, divided by mass hysteria and hate threaten any chance Christoph has to give vampires a chance at regaining their humanity and the lives that were stolen from them.

Mr. Agee’s characters are fascinating, with varied personalities, some without agendas or guile, others hip deep in mayhem and madness, not unlike “the real world.” Wonderful storytelling that moves at a pace that makes this tale easy to read as we are taken from scene to scene seamlessly.

A little sweet romance, genuinely caring characters and that ever-present battle between good and evil, all wrapped up in a story that begs to be read in one sitting!

I received a complimentary copy from James Agee Jr.

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