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Civil Hearts by Claire Gem

Civil Hearts
by Claire Gem

My rating: 5 stars

Publication Date: April 1, 2018
Publisher: Claire Gem | Erato Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance | Paranormal
Print Length: 330 pages
Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
He's a sexy Southern gentleman--with epilepsy. She's a widow scarred from her late husband's brain cancer. Her new home, an abandoned antebellum mansion, is haunted by a Confederate ghost--and she's a Yankee.

A widow with no family, web designer Liv Larson yearns for big change. After all, she can work from anywhere, right? Why not throw a dart at the map? She heads out of the big city for the rural South and falls in love as soon as she arrives—with the Belle Bride, an abandoned antebellum mansion.

Heath Barrow loves his country life, managing his antiques store in sleepy Camellia. But he’s lonely, and his condition—epilepsy—makes life uncertain. It’s already cost him a marriage. A new medication and the new girl in town have his heart hopeful again.

Sparks fly between Heath and Liv. But his first seizure sends Liv into a tailspin. Its mimics those her husband suffered before he died . . .

To make matters worse, Liv discovers she’s not living alone. Her challenge? Dealing with a Confederate soldier, one who clearly resents his Yankee roommate—even though he’s been dead for over a hundred and fifty years.

Civil Hearts by Claire Gem

Civil Hearts (Haunted Voices)Liv knew she needed to start over, fresh, creating a new life for herself free of the pain of her loss. Her husband’s death from brain cancer had killed a piece of her soul. When she was inexplicably drawn to a Southern small southern town and a deserted and forlorn looking antebellum mansion, she saw a chance to heal both the home and her heart. She had no idea it was haunted by a Confederate soldier in search of his young wife and rest for his own soul.

Enter Heath Barrow, Southern gentleman, antiques dealer. His good looks and gentle charm awaken a spark in Liv just as his antiques and reproductions brighten her mansion, the Belle Bride. Will he believe Liv that her mansion is haunted? Perhaps the history of the house and its owners can uncover who the soldier is.

As Heath and Liv find a connection that can’t be denied, Liv witnesses the effects of a secret Heath hasn’t shared, and she flees in raw panic. Heath has epilepsy and his new medications are not tweaked to his system. Liv sees history repeating itself in Heath’s seizure.

Can Liv deal with a man whose future is uncertain? Will they find their attraction is deeper than they realized? A long dead soldier’s love and need for his young wife prove that real love is eternal…is that what Liv has found? Is she strong enough to take what she wants? Two couples, one beyond the veil, will they help each other find peace of mind and heart?

CIVIL HEARTS by Claire Gem transcends time and circumstance in a romantic tale with just a hint of a ghost story and a touch of destiny as the heart of a home and the hearts of flawed humans are healed. Wonderful writing, emotional pain that feels as real as the solid bones of a home that knew love long ago and recognized the chance to bring it back again.
Claire Gem has created a world to get lost in with characters that feel dimensional enough to believe are real. And the Belle Bride? Ahhhh, if walls could talk….

I received a complimentary ARC edition from Claire Gem!

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