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Daisy by Charlotte Penn Clark (The Carmichaels, #2)

by Charlotte Penn Clark

My rating: 3 stars

Series: The Carmichaels - Book 2
Publisher: Pen and Pencil Press (March 14, 2016)
Publication Date: March 14, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Print Length: 162 pages
Available from: Amazon
She knows what she wants....

When Daisy Carmichael moves to New York to develop her online financial media site she knows Ben Kingston, the brilliant CEO of Boston Financial, could be an asset to her career. When they meet sparks fly, but Ben finds Daisy a threat to his self-control, his privacy, his sense of himself…. Can Daisy get him to accept the intense connection they have to each other? When one of her sisters is threatened, Daisy realizes that her relationship with Ben has grown deeper and more complicated than she could ever have predicted.

This is Book 2 of a series on the five Carmichael sisters. It is a standalone novella that takes place five years after Book 1 so there will be spoilers! It contains sex scenes only intended for readers over 18.
Daisy by Charlotte Penn Clark (The Carmichaels, #2)

Daisy (The Carmichaels, #2)DAISY, Charlotte Penn Clark’s second book/sister in The Carmichaels series begins its focus on the wilder Carmichael sibling. A little spicier, a little more detailed, as Daisy shows one business mogul that he has met his match in more ways than one.

Daisy is a strong, vibrant character, but when another sister is threatened she takes stock of her life and her true feelings for Ben.

Lots going on, definitely some passion and sexual heat, along with more about the family dynamics of siblings who seem to be magnets for trouble.

Well written, but as with book one, too many huge events fail to get the attention they need to be completely engaging for me.

I received a complimentary copy from Charlotte Penn Clark.

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