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Eradicate by Stacey McCoy (Reanimation, #2)

by Stacey McCoy

My rating: 5 stars

Series: Reanimation Trilogy - Book 2
Publication Date: October 31, 2017
Publisher: Stacey McCoy
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Print Length: 295 pages
Available from: Amazon
Rylan has a past.
A past that comes in the form of a beautiful, strong and dangerous vampire named Savanah.
Savanah has spent years searching for Rylan, the love of her life and is left feeling dissapointed and angry when she finds him with a beating heart and a fiance. 
Upon hearing about the reanimation process Savanah vows to reinfect Rylan, eliminate Kady and eradicate all those who stand for the it.
Her pledge seals everyone's fate in ways no one could ever have predicted.
Will Savanah succeed and ruin everything and everyone that Rylan has come to hold so dear?
Will Rylan be reinfected?
Will Kady survive?
Eradicate by Stacey McCoy (Reanimation, #2)

Eradicate (Reanimation Trilogy #2)We all realize that our significant other just may have a past, other lovers and it is what it is, unless that lover is a beautiful vampire on a mission to win Rylan back. Savanah is used to getting what she wants and she wants Rylan, but not as a mere human. She is determined to both get the guy and turn him back into the blood-sucking immortal he used to be. Kady is just as determined to hang on to her man until a series of rather compromising events are tossed in her face.

Should Kady let Rylan go? Is he actually not the man she thought he was? Little does anyone know, Savanah has her own agenda and it includes killing Kady and preventing any more vampires from be reanimated.

ERADICATE by Stacey McCoy is the “middle child” in the reanimation trilogy and it has its own special drama going on. You know that character who just wreaks of nastiness and conniving evil? Meet Savanah. This time out, Kady is on an emotional roller coaster and just wow. Rylan? Holy Fangs and Fools, I wanted to smack him for his sheer stupidity! Not just once, but time and again.

Is Savanah going to get man and make him a vampire again? Will that be enough for the wicked, fanged female? Hang on to your seats, this ride is a twisted one and you may not see what’s coming around the next turn!

Stacey McCoy keeps the tension up to a feverish pitch, the romantic angst boiling over and there are some emotional moments that are heart wrenching, for sure. The perfect continuation to this trilogy and another example of the creative talents of this author.

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